Welcome to the Globe Salon blog!

It’s been a long time coming, but Globe Salon — an Elle Top 100 Salon in the heart of downtown Las Vegas and its Arts District — has revamped its website (cue: big sigh of relief…). The new design is intended to look great, load quickly on your desktop and mobile device, and provide both potential and long-time guests with important facts about the salon: Who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

An important part of that is sharing new and relevant information. As many of you already know, Globe Salon believes strongly in the power of communication, from our first personal contact with you (often on the telephone), to our first meeting with you in the salon and that all-important consultation. That’s why we engage our guests and our community daily via FaceBook and Twitter. That’s also why we made certain that our new website would include two things: a News page and this new Blog page.

While the News page is where we will post formal information, history, and press releases about Globe Salon, here at the Blog things will be a little more loose and lively. Here, we will share fun, innovative beauty information, let you know about interesting community events and developments, and engage in a meaningful dialogue with you, our guests. And it won’t be just one voice; some of our staff members will be sharing with you here as well. And, it will be a great place to check-in when you need event information, parking information, hours updates, and more.

Think of our blog as a sort of FaceBook Plus; those brief status updates often leave you wanting more information, and here at our blog is usually where you will find it! We hope you will bookmark this page, check in often, and be a part of our community. After all, we’ve shown that we can build a beautiful salon, create a beautiful new website, and do beautiful hair. But in the end, it is all about engaging our community and sharing our human experience. So, welcome to Globe Salon’s new blog. We hope you enjoy what we have in store!