Sam on Style

As we hinted at the launch of our new website, we will be giving some of our talented Globe Salon staff members the opportunity to participate in this blog — something we hope is to both your benefit and enjoyment, and theirs.

Anyone who knows Samantha O’Brien will find it no surprise that she is the first to take the leap into blogging for us. After all, she is the one who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro last year (!!), and then stood on a stage in front of hundreds at The Tell and told us all about it. Here’s her first blog:

• • •

Welcome, everyone! I am excited to have an opportunity to communicate with friends, clients and, hopefully, future guests in this way. The Globe Salon Blog is your place to stay current with events we do, as well as discuss trends, tips, things we can’t live without, and maybe even a secret or two.

Ever since the dawn of the modern salon, hair stylists — in addition to being your personal groomer, your confidant, and your occasional therapist — have been looked at to inspire and define current fashion, and also to help guide personal style. Although hair is a vital component of personal style (especially to us!), it goes beyond that. It’s each person’s unique fashion sense, an expression of self that includes their manner of dress, how they accessorize, and, yes, how they wear their hair.

As I was thinking about my first blog entry, I noticed of how each of our hairstylists at Globe Salon have such different personal styles. I found it interesting to look closely at what drives each of us and our style.

Staci L, our Salon Director, has often said she has no “set” personal style, and that she has always has loved her profession because it allowed her to be a different person every day. Still, I find that there is a consistency in all of Staci’s various looks. Long ago, I nicknamed her “Farrah,” striking me as the picture of the all American woman, always flirty and light-hearted. Her consistent element of style is quintessential femininity.

One of my favorite descriptions of Amanda B is, “She’s the kind of girl Jack White would have dated.” She takes a love of vintage items and pairs it with an amazing ability to uncover new online shopping finds, creating a look that is strong and defined yet effortless. She is our woman of delicate mystery.

Shortly after Amanda W joined our team, we learned that one of the reasons she majored in accounting in college was so she that could wear fabulous suits to work every day. At that surprising moment, I knew exactly who she is: this classic beauty possesses a strong willingness to try new things, the perfect combination to experiment with fashion trends. She is the chameleon.

As for me, I am both a product of my environment and a reflection of what externally makes me happy. My style reflects the places and things that make me happiest at each point of my life. Growing up in NYC during the grunge era, it was a rare day that I was not in a band t-shirt and Salvation Army Levi’s. Years after leaving NYC, I developed a love for traveling around the high deserts of the West Coast. Today, my look has evolved with these experiences, and I am very comfortable in a pair of distressed boots, great for kicking up dust and dancing around in a mountain town honkey tonk. They say home is where the heart is, and I guess I can include my wardrobe in that!    -Samantha O’Brien

• • •

Now that Sam has explored the personal style of our hairdressing team, we’d love to hear what drives your sense of fashion, and who your style icons are. Reply here, or send us a Tweet at @globesalon. And, thanks for reading!