Quick Tips for Cool-Weather Looks

The air chills with the arrival of fall. Our hair and skin changes with the weather, and the holiday season — with all its parties and events — is in our sights. There’s no better time to sharpen your look, a little or a lot, than right now.

The last several years, we have been doing so much ombré at Globe Salon that it is no longer an economy-driven trend but rather a legitimate style choice. This fall, our colorists are taking the contrasting hues down a notch, blending the colors more and making the lighter ends softer and less dramatic. Think about cuddling up with a warm mocha and you’ll have an idea of the beautiful color we’re doing on the ombré ends. Another seasonal trend is to add tangerine low-lights throughout summer blonde locks. This allows us to bring depth to the color without taking away all the blonde. Basically, we transition a bright summer blonde to a stylish fall blonde without giving you “blonde withdrawal syndrome.”

As far as hair length goes, this is the season of extremes. Bobs are a big thing this fall, both short-and-sassy and mid-length. Whether you choose to go all-the-way-Miley or for a pretty, shoulder-length bob, this trend offers a great opportunity to lose those summer-damaged ends and give your hair a healthy head start for the holidays. You don’t have to go super short; the shoulder-length bob works really well for most people. And if you have never gone that “short” before, don’t be scared; you will still be able to put it into a pony tail!

With the moisture of the monsoon season gone, Las Vegas is back to its normal dry desert air. Our hair really craves moisture during the colder months, but it can be hard to give it what it needs without weighing it down and squashing its style. That’s where our Kerastase hair care line comes in. The variety of their products that we offer (and how good they are at repairing the hair) means you can maintain your hair’s style and health even in our dry climate. We strongly recommend that our guests use one of the amazing Kerastase Thermique leave-in conditioners to help the hair stay healthy, especially when torturing it with the heat of a blow dryer or flat iron. We use these products every day in the salon, and they have an impressive overall effect in keeping your hair happy. And having happy hair means one less thing to worry about during this busy season! ~Staci Linklater, Globe Salon Director