Kerastase Adds to Impressive Styling Lineup

We know what it’s like walking into a huge beauty outlet or department store, being faced with a giant wall of products, and having no idea which one does what, or what would be best for us. It’s intimidating and frustrating, especially when we end up with something that doesn’t work.

Thankfully, the guests of Globe Salon don’t have to worry about that. Not only have we selected the hair and skin care lines that we feel offer the best of what our guests need, but (and perhaps more importantly) we actually use these products every day. We use them at home several times a week, and we use them on our guests several times a day. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we focus on the good stuff!

Which brings us to Kerastase. This Parisian line has been long known for the reparative qualities of its shampoo and conditioner, and in the past year or so has come a long way with its impressive new styling products. Kerastase now has some of my absolute favorites to use behind the chair! My top three are:

Kate Moss wears Kerastase well!

• Lift Vertige: This offers the most awesome, soft root lift I’ve experienced. I can’t compare it to anything I’ve ever used as a root lift before. It gives amazing volume with a medium hold, and does it without making the hair feel dry or dehydrated at all. Every guest I’ve used this on cannot believe the volume at the root area. They say their hair feels “so bouncy!” and as their stylist, I can literally can feel it bounce from the root. Great stuff.

• Forme Fatale: Wow! This amazing, voluptuous blowdry gel (yes, gel!) is simply unbelievable. It has a beautiful hold without any stickiness at all. Big hair is making a comeback, and if you want Big! Vegas! Hair! this is your answer. Best of all, Forme Fatale does it without feeling like you are using a ton of product. Every round-brush blowout I do comes out better with this than any other product. The hair is full and touchable. It’s brushable and soft. And yet, there is hold unlike any other. It’s so impressive that it almost makes me want to get rid of my dreads! Almost.

• Spray `a Porte: Beach styling sprays have been around for several years now, but this is the one that gives you texture and the tousled look without creating the dryness of other beach sprays. It also adds texture to ultra-fine hair that otherwise has none. You can also use Spray `a Porte on dry hair for creating even more texture, and it’s great for quick touch ups or style changes between work and happy hour (I call that “Five Minute Hair”).  I love it because it gives amazing texture to the hair without it feeling dehydrated.

Of course, these styling products are available at Globe Salon, so don’t be afraid to ask your stylist (or any of us) any questions you may have, or for a personalized recommendation. We want to do what we can to help you feel confident and thrilled with your hair all the time, and we won’t send you home with anything that won’t help you. Take it from me: These three are awesome! ~Staci Linklater, Salon Director