April 8: Hair Professional Casting Call

Getting hired at Globe Salon is not easy; it’s a careful, multiple-step process that takes time. That process is an important one that helps us find the right fit for our close-knit family of professionals. But we need to grow; our success demands it.

As mentioned in this article in the Las Vegas Sun this week, Globe Salon will be holding a screening event on Monday, April  8, from 11am–2pm. We hope that this Casting Call will help to shorten the time required to properly screen candidates and find the right ones to join our team.

We are specifically seeking hair professionals with less than three years experience (for an accelerated Fast Track Assistant Program) and recent graduates (for our Full Assistant Program). Please visit the Join Our Team page for important details on what we seek and what to expect at Globe Salon. In fact, we encourage you to browse our entire website to see if what we do is right for you.

Candidates must bring a resume (including professional, educational, and/or personal references), your current Nevada State Board of Cosmetology license (or, if you are a student with less than 100 hours remaining, or a recent graduate, a letter of recommendation from your school), a portfolio (if you have one), and prepare for the possibility of an immediate preliminary interview.

WHAT: Hairstylist Casting Call
WHEN: Monday, April 8, 11am–2pm
WHERE: Globe Salon