Globe Salon Brings Suburbanites to Downtown Las Vegas

Today, Joe Schoenmann — you may know him as the “Joe Downtown” who writes for the Las Vegas Sun and the Las Vegas Weekly — wrote this story about encouraging suburbanites to visit and explore Downtown Las Vegas. According to the story, Joe spent some time in the suburbs recently, and found that a lack of information, advertising and promotion — as well as the perceived challenge of “convenience” (or lack thereof) — keeps many suburban dwellers away from all the neat things that are happening in DTLV.

Here at Globe Salon, we find this interesting for many reasons. First and foremost, we moved to the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District in 2008, well before many of the new attractions and amenities were built. There were a few other spots, of course (kudos to the Arts Factory, the Downtown Cocktail Room, the Beauty Bar and others). But when we joined that handful of visionaries, Downtown was a different place to what it is today. Back then, people were hesitant to walk a block or two for lunch; today, dozens of new businesses have opened and street life is very active, with joggers and strollers and bicyclists and dog walkers streaming by our windows all day, every day.

But in 2008, we had to find a way to make Globe Salon’s loyal guests — the majority of whom were residents of Summerlin and the northwest, as well as Green Valley, Seven Hills, and other suburbs — feel comfortable coming to Downtown, as well as attracting their neighbors. And, we had to give them reasons to keep coming. We accomplished the first by designing our space to feel at once urban and luxe, so that when guests walked into our Downtown location the first time, they would feel comfortable. The second we accomplished by taking the success we had achieved at our original location and pushing it to another level. We aimed high, determined to excel in both guest service and in the skills of our Creative Team by creating our Boot Camp Program for new hires.

Elle Magazine recognized these efforts by naming us to its “Top 100 Salons” list two years in a row. But the best evidence of all is that almost six years after moving Downtown, Globe Salon is still attracting guests from all corners of the valley. In fact, the majority of our guests must travel into Downtown to visit us, and we do our best to point them to other things downtown we think they would like, whether it’s shopping, dining, art or nightlife. Generally speaking, our guests don’t have trouble getting here, and parking is a cinch. Some of them walk about ten steps from their car to our doors. How’s that for convenience?

Globe Salon has never seen Downtown as an island. It is a vibrant, changing place and we are thrilled to be a small part of its resurgence. But we enjoy all parts of the valley for their own unique sensibilities, and so do many of our neighbors (we can’t tell you how often we run into Downtown friends enjoying places like Summerlin’s Sambalatte or Boulder City’s Dillinger). Just as we enjoy suburban spots, we’d like to extend an invitation to those suburbanites who want to explore downtown but don’t know where to start.

So here it is: Grab your sense of adventure, come on down, stop in, say hi, and introduce yourselves. We’ll show you around the salon and answer any questions you may have. Then, we’ll point you in the right direction to have some fun in our little corner of Las Vegas. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.