Flawless Fall Skin Begins With ...

This week, Globe Salon’s licensed aesthetician and self-proclaimed skin care fanatic Eva writes her first blog, featuring tips about how to care for your skin as the seasons change:

At last! The Las Vegas valley has cooled down from the squelching summer heat. The long summer days have gone, leaving behind layers of dull, dead skin cells that diminish your skin’s appearance. And just as cooler weather prompts us to change our wardrobe, our skin care routine must add some layers as well. You may be noticing symptoms like flakiness, chapped skin, and an overall tightness. All are caused by the change in weather, and it happens especially from summer to fall when the air really dries up here in the desert.

To ensure your skin stays vibrant, hydrated and supple in the cooler months, adding exfoliation to your regimen is key. Exfoliation removes the dead layer of skin cells from the skin’s surface, making the skin appear brighter and more youthful. It also allows the skin to absorb serums and moisturizers more efficiently, helping them penetrate healthy layers of skin and making them more effective. I like to do my exfoliation twice a week, at night, to keep my skin glowing. It also reminds me to carve out a little extra “me” time to take care of myself.

There are two different categories of exfoliation: manual and chemical. This gives you a plethora of options from which to choose for your personal skin care ritual. Manual exfoliation is exactly what it sounds like: Physically removing dead skin cells using a scrub, brush or washcloth. Microdermabrasion is a popular example of a professional-level manual exfoliation. At Globe Salon, we offer a baking-soda based microdermabrasion treatment that is very gentle in comparison to the traditional service (which uses harsh metallic crystals) while achieving stunning results.

Alternatively, a chemical exfoliator uses chemicals, acids, or enzymes to literally nibble away and digest dead skin. Think of it like little Pac-Mans on the surface of your skin! Look for ingredients like glycolic acid or fruit enzymes when investing in a chemical exfoliant. At Globe Salon, we use a BioElements enzyme-based exfoliation in all of our facial treatments. For example, our essential facial — the 60-minute Corrective — uses a mixture of papaya and pineapple enzymes. We also offer at-home exfoliation treatments that we will customize for your skin after any in-salon facial treatment.

Manual exfoliation is best at improving the texture and tone of skin showing conditions like flakiness or scarring; chemical exfoliation is effective at refining large pores and diminishing hyper-pigmentation from the sun. Both methods are wonderful at reducing fine lines and wrinkles and removing yucky dull skin, and both are most effective when administered together by a professional. When it comes to finding the best approach, it’s best to allow a licensed aesthetician to examine your skin and help design a regimen tailored for you. So, come in and experience a results-oriented facial at Globe Salon and help defend your skin against seasonal changes. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated — and look it, too! We look forward to seeing you soon. ~Eva