NEWS: Globe Salon vs the Coronavirus

UPDATED 05/26/20


After 49 days of closure, we were thrilled that the governor of Nevada announced that salons could reopen Saturday, May 9. We reviewed the mandates and suggestions issued by the State of Nevada and developed compliant and safe protocols specific to our operations. The result is that both of our locations are open and taking guests. While not a complete list, some current operational essentials that may be helpful are:

  • our Hairdressers & Assistants must wear face coverings at all times on the salon floor
  • our Salon Coordinators must wear face coverings as often as is practicable
  • our Guests are encouraged to bring a face covering with them, but they are not required
  • all services must be done by appointment
  • guests are seated at least 6′ apart
  • our lobby seating areas are temporarily closed
  • please, no guests at your appointment
  • retail sales of hair care products are permitted
  • our beverage service is temporarily limited to single-use sealed containers
  • we are limiting our capacity to 50% of maximum
  • we are limiting the capacity of our lobby / retail area to 1 guest (Downtown) or 2 guests (Uptown)
  • as always, we can accept ApplePay, GooglePay, and Tap-To-Pay
  • enhanced disinfecting remains in place
  • our Hairdressers & Assistants have been Barbicide certified
  • hand sanitizer & antibacterial hand soap is available for everyone
  • makeup services resume May 29

SELF SCREENING: Our Team and our Guests are asked to self-screen before entering the salon:

  • Have you been within 6 feet of a person with a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 for at least 5 minutes, or had direct contact with their mucus or saliva, in the past 14 days?
  • In the last 48 hours, have you developed two or more of the following symptoms?
    • Fever of 100.5 F (38 C) or above
    • alternating chills and sweating
    • Persistent Cough
    • Trouble breathing
    • shortness of breath / severe wheezing
    • Chills or repeated shaking with chills
    • Muscle aches
    • Sore throat
    • Loss of smell or taste, or a change in taste
    • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
    • Headache

These changes are subject to updating. Thank you for your understanding and patience, and we can’t wait to see you all again!

Please read previous updates below. Some superceded posts have been deleted.

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MARCH 10, 2020


For 20 years, Globe Salon has been a local business dedicated to elevating our profession in every way possible. This includes setting and maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness, and disinfection in our salons. In response to the current situation, like many businesses, Globe Salon has taken the following steps:


  • increased, detailed cleaning & disinfection of “high touch” areas
  • proper stocking of antibacterial hand soap & paper towels for use by staff & guests
  • having hand sanitizer available at the Front Desk (limited to supplier availability)
  • use of a licensed & bonded cleaning service that employs proper, approved disinfectants


  • proper training of staff, and posting of sanitation & hygiene reminders so that our team is part of the solution
  • requiring our each of our professionals to stay home if not feeling well
  • requiring guests to reschedule their appointments if not feeling well


  • our styling chairs are fixed at nearly 6″ apart; we have also shuffled stylists so that at least one empty chair is between them
  • temporarily limiting our salon occupancy to 12 (downtown) and 20 (uptown)

As always, the health and safety of our team and our guests is very important to us. Over the years, we have become friends with you, watched as your lives changed and grew, and been a part of many of your celebrations and successes. You have become part of our extended family as we built our business into one of the premier salons in the country. We look forward to riding this wave with you and emerging on the other side happy and healthy!