Best Color Correction | Globe Salon | Las Vegas

Experienced Wella Color Experts

• Starts at $175 per hour; must be added to a haircut or blowdry

Hair color is both art and science, and our experienced expert colorists are well versed in both. Still, color correction can be needed in a variety of circumstances. Did you go dark for winter, and now want a beach blonde summer look? Did experimental home use of “box color” result in over-pigmented hair that is dark, matte, dense, and lacking in dimension? Did blonde or highlighted hair suffer from lack of maintenance or inconsistent application, resulting in bands of color? With our decades of experience, we’ve addressed all this and more, resulting in color that looks natural, with movement and shine. Plus, we do it all with a level of knowledge and practice that puts the integrity of your hair first. A complimentary in-person consultation is usually required.

All our hairdressers use and are educated in the full line of Wella Professional Hair Color, and our Salon Director has decades of experience formulating Wella. Because of this, we believe Globe Salon offers the best hair color correction in Las Vegas.