In 14th Year, Award-winning Globe Salon Builds Success on Professionalism


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LAS VEGAS, NV (Oct 31, 2013) – Globe Salon — an award-winning, locally-owned, upscale hair and skin care salon that relocated to the Soho Lofts tower in Downtown Las Vegas in 2008 — has built thirteen years of success on a business model rarely seen in Southern Nevada. Rather than rent styling chairs to independent contractors, Globe Salon uses a professional employee-based model that allows the management team to not only educate and guide employees to be the best they can be, but also retain them with benefits that most hairstylists do not enjoy.

“In order to consistently provide the level of guest service and quality of work that has made Globe Salon a success, this is the only way,” says Salon Director Staci Linklater.

General Manager James Reza goes further: “In a salon using a chair-rental or independent contractor model, there is no employee-employer relationship, so there can be no standards of skill, performance or behavior. Someone can rent a station and be cutting and coloring hair right after graduating from school and passing a state licensing test. That is impossible at Globe Salon. New licensees must train in the salon with us for six to twelve additional months as a Team Assistant before doing critical services on a guest.”

Globe Salon recruits both new licensees as well as experienced professionals looking to reboot their career, and puts all applicants through an intense interview and audition process on the path to employment as a Team Assistant. The process includes a session in which management tries to talk the applicant out of working for the salon — if candidates make it that far.

“Our entire team invests quite a bit of professional time into training our Team Assistants,” says Salon Director Linklater. “The last thing we want is for someone to fall out of the program. We’d rather talk them out of it first.” Once an applicant is offered a position as Globe Salon Team Assistant, they must consider it for 24 hours before accepting or declining. And decline they do; in 2013, three applicants declined a position offer, while four accepted.

“Globe Salon’s Assistant Program is intense. It’s hard work,” Linklater continues. “It’s nine to twelve months of being on your feet all day, working with our team, learning our professional culture, and receiving formal training and education not only in advanced technical skills, but in what we do at Globe Salon and how we do it.”

That formal education includes a schedule of up to 20 classes selected from a curriculum of 25 developed and taught by the Salon Director, the General Manager and other experienced staff members. At the successful completion of the program, Team Assistants transition to a styling chair gradually, gaining experience under the supervision of the Salon Director and the entire team.

As a reward for successfully completing the program, Globe Salon Creative Team members work 32 hours per week, and are provided with benefits including paid time off, a medical, dental and vision insurance plan, continuing education, and a supportive and creative professional environment in which to build a successful career and a fulfilling life.

“We truly work as a team. We each have plenty to teach and plenty to learn,” says Salon Director Linklater. “In this profession, you can never stop learning, and Globe Salon’s model ensures that the learning continues.”