Thalia Ayoub

Hairdresser FOLLOW
  • Licensed Since: 2017

Though relatively new to the industry, Thalia knows what she wants, which is why, after a few false starts, she came to Globe Salon to tackle our 25-course Hairdresser Graduate program, as well as to assist our Creative Team, a path that provided her with an invaluable foundation for success behind the chair.

You’ll likely encounter Thalia as she assists our Salon Director and the team, helping attend to guests, provide shampoos, mix color, and perform other tasks critical to our success. She also takes care of guests in her chair at the Salon Director’s discretion.

When she isn’t practicing her craft, Thalia enjoys photography, baking, gardening, and seeing movies with her son. She also enoys travel, and has lived in so many different countries abroad that she has many interesting stories to share.

Thalia’s haircuts are $55 (women) and $40 (men).