Hannah Shaver

Hair Designer FOLLOW
  • Licensed Since: 2013

This Las Vegas native is a graduate of the vaunted Aveda Institute and brings passion and an exceptional work ethic to her practice at Globe Salon. After completing her studies at Aveda and earning her license, Hannah worked in another salon before changing course. She ultimately decided that Globe Salon was where someone with her passion and drive for exceptional hairdressing needed to be, so she took a leap and auditioned for the Globe Salon team.

After joining our team in 2014, Hannah successfully completed our rigorous Hairstylist Graduate Program, featuring advanced courses and hands-on training under the direct tutelage of our Salon Director. She also assisted our experienced team of hairdressers, absorbing the craft of professional hairdressing as well as the culture of our award-winning salon. Hannah is a exceptional member of our hairdressing team, bringing a great sense of humor and an energetic personality to her passion for color and a natural talent for special event styling.

Hannah’s haircuts are $55 (women) and $40 (men).