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Interesting Tidbit: Most Globe Salon guests drive to our Downtown location from the Las Vegas and Henderson suburbs. At least half of those come from Summerlin and the northwest. They choose Globe Salon because we offer something nearly impossible to find in Las Vegas salons: consistency and accountability.

Globe Salon is a service-focused luxury hair salon. We’re a high-end boutique with an experienced, educated and hand-selected professional staff, not a 50-chair cattle call. Along with being named to the “Best of” lists of numerous local publications, we’re one of just a handful of Nevada salons honored by Elle on its list of the Top 100 Salons in America. Twice. Style bible Black Book selected us for inclusion in their Las Vegas Guide, and W Magazine spotlighted our efforts during the MAGIC fashion convention. None of this is easy to achieve. But with hard work and dedication to elevating the salon experience for both guests and our team, we have done it.

IMG_0552 Opened in 2000, Globe Salon has been in the Soho Lofts tower since 2008. You have likely heard about the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas, but you may not know about Downtown’s decades-old Arts District. It’s here, away from the nightlife of Fremont East, that an authentic local scene is growing, driven by passionate entrepreneurs who put everything on the line to serve you and do their part to build a wonderful Downtown. And it’s here, just 15-20 quick minutes from your Summerlin home, where you’ll find Globe Salon, part of the respected Kerastase and Bumble + Bumble salon networks.

We’re staffed with several native Las Vegans, and we understand that the Downtown experience is new for some of you. Many people say their hairdresser is like a therapist; our staff is also your Downtown concierge, pointing you to all the places you’ll want to see. Plus, we take care of everyone from some of the city’s top attorneys and executives to some of its flashiest bartenders and entertainers. We serve as many men as women, and everyone gets a relaxing shampoo in our exclusive massaging shampoo chairs.

Choosing a salon can be intimidating, confusing and misleading. We haven’t counted, but we’d guess there are hundreds of salons in Las Vegas, and thousands of hairstylists. What makes Globe Salon stand apart is simple and significant: Our hairstylists are professional experts accountable to Globe Salon’s respected guest-centered standards. No excuses.

Ready to give us a try? Enjoy 30% off your first visit with Globe Salon. Just show proof of your Summerlin residency and we’ll take care of the rest. One visit is all we ask. One visit is all you need. We’re minutes away but world’s apart when it comes to service. Put simply, Globe Salon has thrived for 15 years not only because we are great at what we do, but because we’re are all about you.

P.S. Worried about parking? Don’t. Read this instead.

Google shows the best salon in Summerlin is just 17 minutes away… in Downtown!


We understand that Downtown Las Vegas can be a unknown quantity for some of you, especially since most of our guests drive to us from the surrounding suburbs of Summerlin, Green Valley, Seven Hills, and the like. Fear not! Getting to Globe Salon is a quick 15-minute jaunt for most, and parking is about as easy as a downtown can get. Keep in mind that, despite our Las Vegas Boulevard address, Soho Lofts, the luxury residential tower that is our home, faces north on Hoover Avenue.

So, parking at Globe Salon? Here you go:

• All of Globe Salon’s free parking is on city streets. That means you’ll need to make sure your car is displaying valid license plates and a current registration sticker.

• Hoover Avenue between Las Vegas Blvd and 4th Street (directly in front of Soho Lofts) is free 3-hour parking. Hooray!

• Hoover Avenue west of 4th Street is free parking without a time limit. Huzzah!

• All along 4th Street is free 2-hour parking, and is usually under-utilized. It’s great for shorter appointments like Fabulous Blowouts, event styles and haircuts.

• Prefer parking in a lot? The lot directly across from us (the Hoover Lot) is a metered city parking lot, generally $1 per hour.

See how simple that is? See you at Globe Salon soon!

When It Rains…

September 11th, 2012

Wow, that was an amazing amount of rain that just poured on the Las Vegas valley! Thankfully, the downpour (at least in the central valley) has subsided and the water is draining from the streets. But the late-summer monsoon did get us thinking about the best way to get to Globe Salon when the rains are coming down.

Here’s what we suggest:

From the West: Avoid Charleston Blvd; today, rain water made it impassable except for one lane in each direction. Instead, use Alta Dr/Bonneville Ave to get into downtown, turn right (south) at 3rd Street, and left (east) at Hoover Ave.

From the East: As above, avoid Charleston Blvd. We’d use Sahara Ave west to Las Vegas Blvd and head north.

If you are coming from Summerlin or Green Valley, keep in mind that in the rain, the freeways move more slowly, and exits are often backed up due to flooded streets. In any case, you’ll want to avoid Charleston Blvd by exiting in downtown at Las Vegas Blvd and heading south toward the Las Vegas Strip. Hoover Ave will be the last street before Charleston, and as you know, we are right there!

In any event, do not drive across any intersection or street that appears to be flooded. Our desert rains come fast and furious (sometimes dumping our annual average of rainfall in under an hour!) and disappear just as quickly. In fact, the rest of this week looks sunny and (relatively) cooler.

See you soon at Globe Salon, and stay safe out there! We’ll have a nice hot cup of coffee or tea for you when you arrive.