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Maybe you just moved to Downtown Las Vegas, or maybe you were an early adopter. Perhaps you arrived from another city, eager to be part of the urban revitalization and resurgence that Globe Salon’s founders envisioned years ago. Or maybe you are longtime Las Vegas resident who recogizes the potential of urban living and decided to give it a try.

For whatever reason, you now find yourself living in Downtown Las Vegas at The Ogden. Living among all those hotels on the edge of the East Fremont Entertainment District action can be a little odd. But soon you find your bearings and start to discover Downtown Las Vegas outside the party zone. You begin to wonder where the locals hang out. Where they shop. Do their laundry. Get their hair cut. That’s when you might discover Downtown’s decades-old Arts District. Here, an authentic local scene is growing, driven by passionate entrepreneurs who put everything on the line to open their doors and serve you.

Here, just nine blocks south of Fremont Street and your home at The Ogden, is where Globe Salon stands. Opened in 2000, Globe Salon is a service-focused, luxury boutique hair salon. We’re one of just a handful of Nevada salons honored by Elle magazine on its list of the Top 100 Salons in America. Twice. Style bible Black Book selected us for inclusion in their Las Vegas Guide, and W Magazine spotlighted our efforts with a write-up during the annual MAGIC fashion convention.

Opened way back in 2000, Globe Salon has been in the Soho Lofts tower since 2008, so we understand Downtown living. We’re staffed with many native Las Vegans and proponents of Downtown, so we understand Las Vegas. Many people say their hairdresser is like a therapist; our staff is also your Las Vegas concierge, pointing you to all the newest and hottest spots our city has to offer. And if you don’t want to stray too far, our neighbors at Soho Lofts include the Contemporary Arts Center Gallery, The Goodwich, and The Millenium Fandom Bar.

There are hundreds of salons in Las Vegas, and thousands of hairstylists. That can be intimidating. What makes Globe Salon stand apart is both simple and significant: Our hairstylists are professional experts accountable to Globe Salon’s respected guest-centered standards. No excuses. We take care of everyone from some of the city’s top attorneys and executives to some of its flashiest bartenders and entertainers. We serve as many men as women, and everyone gets a relaxing shampoo in our exclusive massaging shampoo chairs. The majority of our guests drive to us from Summerlin and Green Valley for a reason, and you are so close you can walk.

But if all that that isn’t enough to give us a try, how about this: Enjoy 30% off your first visit with Globe Salon. Just show proof of your Ogden residency and we’ll take care of the rest. One visit is all we ask. One visit is all you need to see the difference.

For nearly seven years (!!), Globe Salon has been rocking out gorgeous and handsome hair at our awardwinning Arts District location. In the meantime, a few businesses have come and gone from Soho Lofts (RIP Resnicks Grocery, Lady Silvia, and Amanda Harris and Dust galleries), and we often miss the energy and synergy they brought to our little corner of Downtown. Don’t get us wrong; we’re more than happy to be here, but sometimes we find ourselves wishing we had some neighbors.

gwIt appears our wishes are about to become reality, as DTLV says that one of our favorite, locally-grown lunch  stops — the delectable Goodwich sandwich shack — will soon open just a few doors down from us in the space formerly occupied by Resnicks.

Read all about it here, and prepare to have easy access to some of the best things between bread found in Las Vegas!

Today, Joe Schoenmann — you may know him as the “Joe Downtown” who writes for the Las Vegas Sun and the Las Vegas Weekly — wrote this story about encouraging suburbanites to visit and explore Downtown Las Vegas. According to the story, Joe spent some time in the suburbs recently, and found that a lack of information, advertising and promotion — as well as the perceived challenge of “convenience” (or lack thereof) — keeps many suburban dwellers away from all the neat things that are happening in DTLV.

Here at Globe Salon, we find this interesting for many reasons. First and foremost, we moved to the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District in 2008, well before many of the new attractions and amenities were built. There were a few other spots, of course (kudos to the Arts Factory, the Downtown Cocktail Room, the Beauty Bar and others). But when we joined that handful of visionaries, Downtown was a different place to what it is today. Back then, people were hesitant to walk a block or two for lunch; today, dozens of new businesses have opened and street life is very active, with joggers and strollers and bicyclists and dog walkers streaming by our windows all day, every day.

But in 2008, we had to find a way to make Globe Salon’s loyal guests — the majority of whom were residents of Summerlin and the northwest, as well as Green Valley, Seven Hills, and other suburbs — feel comfortable coming to Downtown, as well as attracting their neighbors. And, we had to give them reasons to keep coming. We accomplished the first by designing our space to feel at once urban and luxe, so that when guests walked into our Downtown location the first time, they would feel comfortable. The second we accomplished by taking the success we had achieved at our original location and pushing it to another level. We aimed high, determined to excel in both guest service and in the skills of our Creative Team by creating our Boot Camp Program for new hires.

Elle Magazine recognized these efforts by naming us to its “Top 100 Salons” list two years in a row. But the best evidence of all is that almost six years after moving Downtown, Globe Salon is still attracting guests from all corners of the valley. In fact, the majority of our guests must travel into Downtown to visit us, and we do our best to point them to other things downtown we think they would like, whether it’s shopping, dining, art or nightlife. Generally speaking, our guests don’t have trouble getting here, and parking is a cinch. Some of them walk about ten steps from their car to our doors. How’s that for convenience?

Globe Salon has never seen Downtown as an island. It is a vibrant, changing place and we are thrilled to be a small part of its resurgence. But we enjoy all parts of the valley for their own unique sensibilities, and so do many of our neighbors (we can’t tell you how often we run into Downtown friends enjoying places like Summerlin’s Sambalatte or Boulder City’s Dillinger). Just as we enjoy suburban spots, we’d like to extend an invitation to those suburbanites who want to explore downtown but don’t know where to start.

So here it is: Grab your sense of adventure, come on down, stop in, say hi, and introduce yourselves. We’ll show you around the salon and answer any questions you may have. Then, we’ll point you in the right direction to have some fun in our little corner of Las Vegas. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We haven’t hosted a First Friday event at Globe Salon for a few months, and there is no better month than November to do another. The days grow shorter, but the weather is near perfect and holiday season is fast approaching. As Thursday is the 13th anniversary of the day we first opened (as well as Halloween and Nevada Day!), November’s First Friday presents a perfect opportunity to host a fall event, and to raise a glass for our anniversary.

Please join us at the salon on Friday, November 1, from 6–9pm, for a fall celebration. Since it’s First Friday, we’re hosting Birds of a Feather, an exhibit featuring new multimedia works by homegrown artist Sam Reza. Since it’s a party, we’ve asked DJ Rex Dart (you may know him from the Double Down Saloon and Velveteen Rabbit) to crank out some of his super eclectic grooves. And since it’s also Dia de los Muertos, we’ll have some tasty Mexican snacks, a pitcher of margaritas, and a bottle or two of bubbly, for good measure.

We’ll also be launching our Thirteen-Dollar Deals, including $13 Brow Waxes (when added to any other Skin Care Service; reg $23), $13 Kerastase Instant Treatments (added to any cut, color or blowout; reg $20) and $13 off any full size shampoo + conditioner pair (all available through Thanksgiving only).

So guests, neighbors and friends, we hope you can stop by this First Friday and enjoy some art, music and a good time with your friends at Globe Salon, right in the heart of Las Vegas and its downtown Arts District!

WHAT: Your #DTLVsalon does First Friday right
WHERE: Globe Salon, of course
WHEN: Friday, November 1, 6-9pm

Parking tight? The meters along Fourth Street (right by the salon) are almost always available; cash or credit.

Recently, Globe Salon held a Casting Call for professional hairstylists. We received some great resumés from some strong candidates, but if you missed the event, it’s important to know that you can still submit your credentials for review.

If you are someone interested in joining a successful, professional team in an award-winning, stable salon environment; a salon where an active management ensures that your day goes as smoothly as possible; a salon where working as a valuable member of a professional team will not only vault your career to new heights, it will also help you realize personal goals as well; a salon where creative passion is paired with an advanced eductional foundation and exceptional service; a salon that attracts a healthy mix of locals from across the valley, as well as visitors to Las Vegas, drawing them to our city’s burgeoning Downtown revitalization… If this sounds interesting, then perhaps Globe Salon and you should meet.

We are specifically seeking hair professionals with less than three years experience (for an accelerated Fast Track Assistant Program) and recent graduates (for our Full Assistant Program). Please visit the Join Our Team page for important details on what we seek and what to expect at Globe Salon. In fact, we encourage you to browse our entire website to familiarize yourself with who we are and what we are about.

Candidates must present themselves in person, providing a resume (including professional, educational, and/or personal references), a current Nevada State Board of Cosmetology license (or, if you are a student with fewer than 100 hours remaining, or a recent graduate, a letter of recommendation from your school), and a portfolio (if you have one).

If you think you’d be a fantastic fit for our team and our salon, we look forward to reviewing your credentials.


Getting hired at Globe Salon is not easy; it’s a careful, multiple-step process that takes time. That process is an important one that helps us find the right fit for our close-knit family of professionals. But we need to grow; our success demands it.

As mentioned in this article in the Las Vegas Sun this week, Globe Salon will be holding a screening event on Monday, April  8, from 11am–2pm. We hope that this Casting Call will help to shorten the time required to properly screen candidates and find the right ones to join our team.

We are specifically seeking hair professionals with less than three years experience (for an accelerated Fast Track Assistant Program) and recent graduates (for our Full Assistant Program). Please visit the Join Our Team page for important details on what we seek and what to expect at Globe Salon. In fact, we encourage you to browse our entire website to see if what we do is right for you.

Candidates must bring a resume (including professional, educational, and/or personal references), your current Nevada State Board of Cosmetology license (or, if you are a student with less than 100 hours remaining, or a recent graduate, a letter of recommendation from your school), a portfolio (if you have one), and prepare for the possibility of an immediate preliminary interview.

WHAT: Hairstylist Casting Call
WHEN: Monday, April 8, 11am–2pm
WHERE: Globe Salon


Downtown Update

March 22nd, 2013

It’s hard to believe, but Globe Salon will be celebrating five years (!!) in downtown Las Vegas this July, and we couldn’t be happier. The move from our previous location, while not an easy process, has brought nothing but good things to us. From the start, we always knew that Globe Salon was destined to be downtown (after all, we are the salon pairing uptown sophistication with downtown style!), and now that redevelopment of the area is really gaining ground, it’s nice to be able to say we were among the early arrivals.

We won’t go as far as to say we were “pioneers” however. That distinction belongs to all those who came before us, from the Enigma Garden Cafe and Vintage Madness in the 1990s, to the legendary Hair Zoo, a 1980s emporium of punk rock music, style and hair located down the block from where we are now. Today, those spots are nothing more than happy memories for those who remember.

But the Arts Factory — a cornerstone of the Arts District from the mid-1990s — is still there, and more relevant than ever. (We strongly recommend a stop at Marty Walsh’s Trifecta Gallery, as well as the Sunday Hangover Brunch on the patio at Bar & Bistro.)  We’ve also taken a big liking to Chef Natalie Young’s energetic new-ish breakfast and lunch spot, Eat. This is the kind of breakfast joint that every other city is spoiled by — offering simple food done well — but it’s been a long time since we’ve had an independent like it in downtown, and we’re thrilled it’s here.

Also new are two places that had their roots in Summerlin. The first is the über-popular Rachel’s Kitchen, which has upgraded its healthy offerings in its DTLV location (at the base of the Ogden) to include beer and wine, as well as delivery via snazzy electric trike! Another suburban spot to slip into downtown is Radio City Pizza, a locally-owned, sports-friendly pizza bar and restaurant with a sweet little patio out back. RCP is on Fremont Street, sandwiched between video game bar Insert Coins and Park on Fremont, which is the next project from the team that brought us the impressive Commonwealth. Park is going to be a gastropub of the first order, and we hear it is having a soft-opening the weekend of March 22, 2013.

There is so much happening in downtown Las Vegas these days that it’s hard to keep up, but that’s a good problem to have. Several new spots are on the way, with more being announced every day. It is an exciting time to be in Las Vegas, and we thank you for taking this journey with us!

We hope you set aside some of your Black Friday budget, because today is Small Business Saturday, and lots of your favorite locally-owned and independent shops are celebrating with specials. At Globe Salon, we’re offering 20% off all retail items (limited to one item per SKU, please), and a free copy of the beautiful book, Crave Las Vegas: A Guide to Women-Owned Small Businesses, a $25 retail value free with any retail purchase and while supplies last.

Plenty of businesses around downtown are participating in Small Business Saturday, so to help you find some of those deals designed to get shoppers to support local business, the Las Vegas Review-Journal has published a brief on the events. After stopping at Globe, make sure you skip around the Arts District (say Hi! to our pals at Electric Lemonade and Trifecta Gallery), browse new and vintage furniture and home accessories along Main Street, and then skip north a few blocks to the first Neon Bazaar, a shopping fair showcasing some great local businesses and offering a chance to score unique items for the holidays.

Have fun, and we hope to see you today!

RAISED $15,185.07 for LV ARTREACH.

Thank you for your support and generosity!
We hope to see you at the next Fashion Fling.


Saturday, November 10 • Proceeds benefit LV ArtReach
Tickets are limited • Buy them HERE!

WHAT: Globe Salon Fashion Fling III: Down the Rabbit Hole
WHERE: Tim Bavington Studio, 418 W Mesquite Ave LV NV 89106
WHEN: Saturday, November 10, 2012, 7:30pm–11pm
WHY: celebrate Globe Salon’s 12th anniversary & benefit LV ArtReach

Valet Parking  •  21+  •  Cocktail Attire

Many of you know that Globe Salon has donated quite a bit to many charities over our 12 years. We consider ourselves citizens of a vibrant, healthy community, and we love to give back whenever we can. It’s been way too long since our last major event (a fundraiser for Three Square), and finally the time has come for another Globe Salon Fashion Fling!

Tickets are limited, so please buy them now for Saturday, November 10 and join Globe Salon for Fashion Fling III: Down the Rabbit Hole, a charity party celebrating the salon’s 12th anniversary. The event will be held at the studio of internationally-renowned artist Tim Bavington (418 W Mesquite Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89106). Valet parking will be available on-site.

We have a host of set designers, A/V artists and event specialists, along with some of our favorite restaurants, transforming the Tim Bavington Studio into a super-cool party venue, so prepare yourselves for a wonderful, artistic evening of eats, stimulating socializing, and an “Alice”-themed fashion show produced by Globe Salon and showcasing clothing from the Gypsy Den, makeup by L Makeup Institute, and hair by the Globe Salon team (with creative direction by our own Samantha O’Brien).

For Fashion Fling III, Globe Salon has selected as its benefactor the LV Art Reach program of Casa de Luz, a 501(c)3 non-profit committed to furthering the arts by and for inner-city kids in Las Vegas. LV ArtReach provides quality opportunities for underprivileged youth to expand their skills and self esteem through new creative forms of expression and the unique mentorship of local artists.

Our location host, the internationally-renowned Las Vegas artist Tim Bavington, has designed an impressive limited-edition t-shirt (Tim’s first foray into clothing design) that will be available for purchase only at the event. There will also be a small-but-powerful silent auction (did someone say iPads? Jewelry from the Jeweler’s Daughter? Photos by the kids at ArtReach? Yes, please!). All proceeds add to the donation. Most event costs are being provided or underwritten by our generous community partners (see below), and Globe Salon hopes to donate close to 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales to LV ArtReach.

Tickets are available by clicking HERE. Bundles of four (4) save 10%.

Please note that we are limiting the number of attendees so that everyone can enjoy comfortable socializing and plenty of eats and drinks provided by our sponsors. Because of this, we do not anticipate selling tickets at the door. We hope you can join us!

Our generous community sponsors:

Eats & Drinks
Ciao Uva
Firefly Tapas Bar
The Cupcakery
N9NE Steakhouse
Nove Italiano
Triple George Grill

Location & Production Services
Alios Lighting
Czarnowski Event Services
Destinations by Design
El Cortez Hotel & Casino
Enchanted Florist
The Gypsy Den
L Makeup Institute
The Lady Silvia Bar
Royal Printing
Say It With Style
SouthSide Media
Tim Bavington Studio

Promotional Partners
Seven Magazine
Wendoh Media

Thank you! We appreciate you — and the kids at LV ArtReach do, too!

If you haven’t yet been to Las Vegas’s very own homegrown storytelling event, The Tell, you are missing out on a particularly satisfying piece of authentic local culture. Launched by local attorney, writer, man-about-downtown — and, yes, Globe Salon guest — Dayvid Figler, and sponsored by Seven weekly, The Tell is inspired by other nationally famous storytelling events such as NYC’s The Moth and Portland’s Back Fence — both of which have invited Mr. Figler to tell stories on their stages. Locally, even the Globe Salon team has found itself on The Tell stage, with both Samantha O’Brien and James Reza sharing stories with storytelling aficionados. Think of it as a live version of This American Life.

The latest installment of The Tell is coming Thursday, October 18. Usually held at the El Cortez, this time, in advance of the Vegas Valley Book Fest, the event is being staged at downtown’s Mob Museum, in the recently restored historic federal courtroom. The theme is “I Fought The Law,” and will feature stories told live and off the cuff by longtime Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith, actor Joey Kern, Metropolitan Police Dept cop/poet Harry Fagel and more.

Tell tickets are available here, and they are going fast (Figler says, “Keep trying even if it says Sold Out; we’ll be releasing SRO tickets soon!”). Don’t say we didn’t tell you.