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Anyone who has visited Globe Salon knows our Salon Director, Staci Linklater, sported high-fashion dreadlocks she called “glamlocks.” After wearing them for years, the end of 2016 brought a desire for change. Since the most common method of dreadlock removal is to cut them off, Staci considered some options. One was to either closely clipper or shave her head. Another was to grow out her locks for a few months, abandoning the frequent palm-rolling and crochet-hook maintenance they required. That would provide enough “unlocked” new growth for a cropped ‘do, something she’s worn before. But after growing her hair for five years and wanting to maintain some length, neither seemed satisfactory. So, Staci devised her own answer. Read on to find out how she removed the dreadlocks and see an amazing before-and-after:

After five years of rocking my beautiful dreadlocks, the time finally came for a change. I considered the obvious options. Shaved head? No! Pixie haircut? Not this time! Instead, I proceeded down the unknown path of combing them out. Now, you might be thinking … That can’t be done! Well, I’m here to tell you, yes, dreadlocks can be combed out, especially ones that have been properly cared for during their life, including regular shampooing and conditioning. This is very important!

If you decide to comb out your ‘locks, it’s critical that you approach the process with much patience. This is neither an easy nor quick solution. Then again, neither is locking the hair to begin with. As it began, so it must end. You also must understand that your hair will go through various stages of, well, challenges once the combing out is complete.

Through trial and error, below is the method I devised for successfully combing out my dreadlocks. Note that this method worked for me, but it may not work for you. The results greatly depend on the condition of your hair and the skill in applying these techniques. Neither myself nor Globe Salon can be responsible for your results. We recommend leaving the process up to a experienced professional. Got that? Okay:

1. CUT: The best way to start is to first remove some length. No matter how well you cared for your dreadlocks, the ends of your hair will not be pretty. It will likely be damaged and split, and will need to be cut anyway, so save yourself some time and do it now. My dreads were almost to my waist, and we began by cutting off about five inches from the bottom. If your locks are shorter, you can get away with cutting off less. The goal is to remove the most damaged portion of the hair and give yourself a loose, “open end” of the dreadlock to work with.

2. SATURATE WITH OIL: Using a high quality hair oil, work plenty of it into the trimmed dreadlock until it is well saturated about an inch above the end. Don’t skimp; I used three bottles of Kerastase Elixir during my process. Oiling the hair is critical; not only will it aid in the removal, but it keeps the hair pliable. If you don’t do this, you could end up with hair broken off in many places.

3. DAMPEN: Using a spray bottle filled with water, keep the dreadlock wet during the process. This also aids in untangling.

4. COMB: Here’s where the dreadlock removal begins.  Your goal is to gently pick and poke directly into the end of the freshly cut lock with a highlighting comb, freeing the hair from the knots it has accumulated. You may know a highlighting comb as a rat-tail comb. It has a long point, like a thin knitting needle, on the handle end. Using this point, poke into the center of the cut lock and untangle the hair. Work in sections about one inch long. Once you get one inch fully unlocked, gently comb out that portion, add some oil, and move up. Got it? Keep doing this all the way up the lock until it is fully untangled to the root.

5: BRAID: For years, my hair had been “trained” to be in knots, so after learning the hard way and watching some tangling return overnight, myself and the Globe Salon team decided to oil and braid each unlocked section, tying it off with a rubber band. This helped keep my unlocked hair under control while we worked the rest of my head.

6: CLEASE & CONDITION: Once all of the dreadlocks have been unlocked, now is the time to lay back in the shampoo bowl and let your hairdresser treat your hair and scalp to a nice, long, gentle shampoo and deep conditioning. It had been so long since I felt that relaxation… Ahhhhhhhh! We used Kerastase products: Bain Magistral shampoo and Fondant Magistral conditioner, along with a Ciment Instant Treatment boosted with Nutrition.


7. CUT (AGAIN): Once the cleansing and conditioning was done, my hair was dried and flat ironed, and my hair was again almost to my waist. Immediately, another 12 inches were cut off. After that, my hair was still past my shoulders, and the end result was a surprisingly healthy and resilient head of hair.

This deceptively simple process requires extraordinary patience. I had 105 locks on my head, and after five years of growth, each one took 30-45 minutes of tedious work to unlock. The entire process required around 100 man-hours by professionals. This is not an exaggeration. There are no shortcuts and I did not find an easier or faster way to reach my goal of healthy length. Your hair could take more or less time, depending on how long the locks are and your technique. But the end result speaks for itself: Me and my team were able to maintain a lot of length while having a lovely head of hair in the end.

Wearing dreadlocks is a serious commitment that requires time and effort to maintain. Removing them requires the same commitment — and in my case, time and effort.  It may seem silly, but the journey to leaving my dreadlocks behind began with a journal entry. I asked myself things like, How have my dreads served me? How have they impacted my life? How do they make me feel? What am I missing by not having “normal” hair?

I loved having them, but everyone needs change. You will know when it’s time. Now that they are gone, comments and questions of all kinds roll in. The most common is, I didn’t know you could comb them out! And my answer is always, Neither did I… Until we gave it a try!

Many thanks to all of the Globe Salon staff who put their time and effort into helping me achieve this hair goal.

So, are you ready?

Just in time for the holidays (and now available at Globe Salon!), the Invisibobble is unlike any hair tie you have ever used. Unlike those typical fabric-covered elastic ponytail holders we all know and loathe, Invisibobble’s unique design doesn’t leave a crease or mark in your hair when you remove it. It also eliminates the need for bobby pins in updos, and even helps avoid the headaches and split-ends that can happen with typical hair ties.

They are so easy to use that you don’t have to be a hairdresser to create great looking styles with little effort. We invite you to schedule a 15-minute complimentary style lesson with your favorite salon to teach you the latest in Invisibobble styles. At only $10 for a box of three, you can pair the Invisibobble with a Tangle Teezer brush ($16) for the perfect stocking stuffers for anyone with hair long enough to put up! ~Staci Linklater, Salon Director

Did you know that men make up a significant part of Globe Salon’s loyal clientele? It’s true, and it makes sense. Our location makes us an ideal choice not only for office professionals who require neat-and-clean men’s cuts, but also for those guys working in hospitality and nightlife who want something a little more trendy or edgy. Plus, our salon’s upscale, hospitality-inspired design is comfortable for most everyone.

For some time, we have been doing a lot of men’s haircuts in the popular “barber style,” most of them the Gentlemen’s Cut we saw first adopted by bartenders in cocktail bars and Prohibition-styled speakeasies. You know the look: super short on the sides, with a hard part and a highly styled pompadour up top. It’s little bit Morrissey-meets-Public Enemies Johnny Depp, and in the past six months, it has transcended to something that almost every man wants, and there’s good reason. It’s at once stylish, neat, and masculine.

But like any trend that penetrates into the mainstream, some of the early adopters are wanting to move on to something new. Growing out a short haircut is never easy (something women who opt for the ultra-hot pixie know… or soon will!), but for those men who’d like to move away from the Gentlemen’s Cut, Globe Salon has an answer: the classic, 1950s surfer-inspired look. This style is way more Endless Summer than Spicoli, more dapper than Duuuuuude!

It incorporates a longer-length top that transitions into a slightly undercut weight line below. A great thing about this cut is that it is more versatile than that barber-style cut you are growing out. It can be worn more formally, with the top length styled into either a classic side part or swept straight back, using a wax or paste (like Kerastase’s K Baume or Bumble + bumble’s SemiSumo). Then, when the weekend hits (or you find yourself surfing), it can easily be styled into a more relaxed look, using a texture-enhancing product like Spray-A-Porter (Kerastase) or Bumble + bumble’s Surf Spray — all available at Globe Salon.

If you are still thrilled with the Gentlemen’s Cut, there’s no need to change; you are in good hands at Globe. But when you are ready for something new, something easy to transition to, Globe Salon has a plan for you. Everything about this cut makes it easy to grow into from the barber cut. With a few week’s growth, it works well no matter how severe you went, and it will continue to work as your hair grows out.

So, guys, ready for a change? Give Globe Salon a call!

Those of you who are guests (or followers) of Globe Salon likely know that, from the beginning, we have always done quite a bit of editorial work. In the past year, our Salon Director Staci Linklater has worked on four editorial fashion features for Vegas Rated magazine, her hairdressing work earning the magazine’s cover three of those times. Three covers in a year is nothing to sniff at, but we are humbled by the opportunity and thrilled each time we see our work in print. We love to stretch our creative skills by doing editorial whenever we are afforded the chance.

Recently, Globe Salon was offered an amazing opportunity that takes our professional “behind the scenes” experiences to another level. In March 2014, at the request of film studio Lola Pictures, Salon Director Linklater created three “looks” for an upcoming Gerardo Naranjo project (since titled “Viena and the Fantomes”) filmed entirely in the Las Vegas area. The looks were for actors Evan Rachel Wood, Jeremy Allen White, and Ryan LeBoeuf.

At the time, the producers understandably asked us to keep much of the information about our work on the film confidential. However, on May 10, Ms. Wood appeared on stage singing at a Hollywood gala, still wearing the dip dye / color block look done at Globe Salon six weeks before. The fashion world went crazy, with many major style and society magazines talking about it. At that point, we were given the green light to mention that Globe Salon’s Staci Linklater was the talent behind the look.

The final result!

Staci was provided with the film’s storyline plus “an inspirational photo” that led her to the blonde-and-black color blocking. As for the coloring process, it was a lengthy one, says Staci. “Evan was wearing an ombre that was a level 7 (medium blonde) at the base and a level 10 (lightest blonde) at the ends. I started with a complete color correction, lightening all of her hair, from roots to ends, to a gorgeous level 10. I did this through a series of applications of Wella Blondor lightener, being careful to maintain the integrity of the hair.”

After the correction was completed, Staci “section by section dip-dyed the ends of her hair to a level 2 (black),” starting about three inches up and working down through the tips. This technical achievement was done “very strategically,” says Linklater, who even pulled out a ruler at one point. She was careful to take into account hair movement when doing the color placement.

The result was pretty impressive — at least impressive enough for Ms. Wood to Tweet about it! Staci says that the technical coloring process was challenging, and that she is thrilled that Evan chose to wear the color in her daily life long after filming was completed.

The film, also starring Dakota Fanning, should appear in theaters in 2015. Globe Salon wants to thank all those who were involved in the production; they each were a pleasure to work with, and we cannot express how thankful we are for the opportunity. You can bet we’ll be there on opening night!