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TUE–THU: 10am–7pm
FRI–SAT: 10am–5pm
SUN–MON: closed


SAT, MAY 13: 1pm–5pm | Helldorado Parade
TUE, MAY 30: closed | Memorial Day

SAT, JUL 01–WED, JUL 05: closed | Independence Day
FRI, SEP 01–MON, SEP 04: closed | Labor Day

SAT, NOV 11: open 1–6pm | Veterans Day Parade
MON, NOV 20: open 10am–7pm
THU, NOV 23–FRI, NOV 24: closed | Thanksgiving
TUE, DEC 26: closed | Christmas

TUE, JAN 02: closed | New Year’s Weekend

Subject to update. Appointments are scheduled to complete at closing hour. We are always closed on New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Globe Salon Prices

March 1st, 2017

Looking for a basic overview of salon services offered at Globe Salon? Read on!

Haircutting, Women’s: $55-$90 includes blowdry
Haircutting, Men’s: $40-$70 includes styling

Fabulous Blowouts: $50+
Wedding + Special Event Styling: $75+

Color – includes blowdry
Single Process: starts at $73
Balayage (half): starts at $105
Balayage (full): starts at $152
Foil Hilighting (half): starts at $87
Foil Hilighting (full): starts at $126

MakeUp: $35-$60

Prices represent ranges or starting points for our hairdressers working at various levels of demand and tenure. Download our menu here. Questions? Please call us at 702-938-4247!

Interesting Tidbit: Most Globe Salon guests drive to our Downtown location from the Las Vegas and Henderson suburbs. At least half of those come from Summerlin and the northwest. They choose Globe Salon because we offer something nearly impossible to find in Las Vegas salons: consistency and accountability.

Globe Salon is a service-focused luxury hair salon. We’re a high-end boutique with an experienced, educated and hand-selected professional staff, not a 50-chair cattle call. Along with being named to the “Best of” lists of numerous local publications, we’re one of just a handful of Nevada salons honored by Elle on its list of the Top 100 Salons in America. Twice. Style bible Black Book selected us for inclusion in their Las Vegas Guide, and W Magazine spotlighted our efforts during the MAGIC fashion convention. None of this is easy to achieve. But with hard work and dedication to elevating the salon experience for both guests and our team, we have done it.

IMG_0552 Opened in 2000, Globe Salon has been in the Soho Lofts tower since 2008. You have likely heard about the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas, but you may not know about Downtown’s decades-old Arts District. It’s here, away from the nightlife of Fremont East, that an authentic local scene is growing, driven by passionate entrepreneurs who put everything on the line to serve you and do their part to build a wonderful Downtown. And it’s here, just 15-20 quick minutes from your Summerlin home, where you’ll find Globe Salon, part of the respected Kerastase and Bumble + Bumble salon networks.

We’re staffed with several native Las Vegans, and we understand that the Downtown experience is new for some of you. Many people say their hairdresser is like a therapist; our staff is also your Downtown concierge, pointing you to all the places you’ll want to see. Plus, we take care of everyone from some of the city’s top attorneys and executives to some of its flashiest bartenders and entertainers. We serve as many men as women, and everyone gets a relaxing shampoo in our exclusive massaging shampoo chairs.

Choosing a salon can be intimidating, confusing and misleading. We haven’t counted, but we’d guess there are hundreds of salons in Las Vegas, and thousands of hairstylists. What makes Globe Salon stand apart is simple and significant: Our hairstylists are professional experts accountable to Globe Salon’s respected guest-centered standards. No excuses.

Ready to give us a try? Enjoy 30% off your first visit with Globe Salon. Just show proof of your Summerlin residency and we’ll take care of the rest. One visit is all we ask. One visit is all you need. We’re minutes away but world’s apart when it comes to service. Put simply, Globe Salon has thrived for 15 years not only because we are great at what we do, but because we’re are all about you.

P.S. Worried about parking? Don’t. Read this instead.

Google shows the best salon in Summerlin is just 17 minutes away… in Downtown!


Need to contact Globe Salon, send us something, or follow us on social media? Here is all the info you need:

This is how we prefer to provide you with our exceptional service.

Mailing Address (all locations):
PO BOX 910
Las Vegas, NV 89125

Shipping Address:
900 Las Vegas Blvd South | Ste 130
Las Vegas, NV 89101


For those of you who believe a photo is worth a thousand Tweets.

For those of you who like words with your pictures.

For useful, current updates on special hours, traffic, parking, offers + our FaceBook feed.

Yes, we still get them.

On the Road Again | Something for Your Carry-On

Summer is here, which means more of us are taking time to escape the heat and travel. And we know all too well that hotels don’t always have our hair health in mind when they stock the bathrooms. Good thing, then, that Globe Salon has done its part and stocked up on travel sizes of your favorite products from Kerastase and Bumble + bumble!

Plus, to help you gear up your carry-on with the good stuff you love, stop by June 20 – July 31 when we’ll be offering special travel size savings. It goes like this: Purchase two or more travel sizes — mixed or matched of Bumble + bumble and Kerastase — and you’ll save 20% on all travel sizes you buy at that time. It’s limited to stock on hand, so stop in and stock up!


Happy Holidays | …and Happy Anniversary

Ready for the holiday? Don’t forget that we will be taking our annual summer break during July 4th Week. We be open Monday, June 29 – Wednesday, July 1, 11am-7:30pm, closed Thursday, July 2 – Monday, July 6, and returning Tuesday, July 7 at 11am. As you may imagine, all days leading up to the holiday are booking up, so make sure you call us and get an appointment so you look sizzling for firework weekend!

Finally, Globe Salon will be celebrating seven years of being downtown on July 18 (We can’t believe it either!). As one of the first established businesses to open in or relocate to the area, we have had one wild ride as Downtown has grown and changed around us. We always knew it would, but we could not have made it through those early years without the patronage and enthusiasm of our guests. You are the reason we have survived and thrived, and for that we graciously thank you for allowing us to take care of you, for buying local, and for being part of our community!

We understand that Downtown Las Vegas can be a unknown quantity for some of you, especially since most of our guests drive to us from the surrounding suburbs of Summerlin, Green Valley, Seven Hills, and the like. Fear not! Getting to Globe Salon is a quick 15-minute jaunt for most, and parking is about as easy as a downtown can get. Keep in mind that, despite our Las Vegas Boulevard address, Soho Lofts, the luxury residential tower that is our home, faces north on Hoover Avenue.

So, parking at Globe Salon? Here you go:

• All of Globe Salon’s free parking is on city streets. That means you’ll need to make sure your car is displaying valid license plates and a current registration sticker.

• Hoover Avenue between Las Vegas Blvd and 4th Street (directly in front of Soho Lofts) is free 3-hour parking. Hooray!

• Hoover Avenue west of 4th Street is free parking without a time limit. Huzzah!

• All along 4th Street is free 2-hour parking, and is usually under-utilized. It’s great for shorter appointments like Fabulous Blowouts, event styles and haircuts.

• Prefer parking in a lot? The lot directly across from us (the Hoover Lot) is a metered city parking lot, generally $1 per hour.

See how simple that is? See you at Globe Salon soon!

Well, folks, we’ve given it a good run, but Globe Salon will no longer be offering skin care services such as facials and microdermabrasion. Rather, Globe Salon has decided to focus our efforts on doing what we do best: Amazing hair and makeup!

As always, you can pair an Essential or Event Makeup (the latter includes fashion lashes and application) with a Fabulous Blowout or Event Style. This is the perfect combo when you need a complete look for a girls night, an important event, a party or, of course, your wedding day. (Did you know that some of the Globe Salon staff were highlighted on a Travel Channel wedding special? They are that good.)

We will be exploring other options for the space formerly occupied by our Skin Care department, so stay tuned to find out more.

Although I have written blogs here before, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I have been Salon Director since Globe Salon opened in October 2000. Since then, this salon has been both my profession and my passion. Not only do I love helping guests look and feel great, I truly enjoy finding and mentoring new talent to be the best they can be behind the chair. That passion ultimately led to my development of our Cosmetology Graduate Studies Program, or as some know it, the Globe Salon Boot Camp.

Our Graduate Studies Program for New Talent is intended to give cosmetology licensees the skills and professional salon experience they need to succeed in the Globe Salon environment. It’s important to note that while much of the twenty-five class curriculum is focused on honing advanced technical skills, much like our profession it’s not all about hair. In addition to technical classes, our hairstylists learn my proven techniques for consistency in timing and results. Gaining that advanced education and salon experience helps our team to have confidence when interacting with our guests. Another area I focus on is guest interaction. While it may be hard to believe, some who enter our profession don’t realize that you have to actually like and care about people, and you have to be engaging and interesting yourself. But even though we are the professionals and always on stage, it’s rarely about us. Most often it’s about the guest, and Globe Salon puts the guest first.

It’s no surprise then that as salon professionals, we give quite a bit to our guests every day, in our chairs and in our skin care room. Sometimes, we forget to set aside time for ourselves. In that regard, I wanted to wish our awesome Samantha O’Brien the very best as she heads out on a “midlife retirement,” where she will be spending some time on the road meeting new people and having new experiences. This is the second time in her eight years with Globe Salon that Sam has taken some time away, and just like last time, we don’t know if she’ll be rejoining us in the future. But we hope she has an amazing experience wherever the road takes her!

With that, we now swing wide the doors for others to join us. As the busy spring season arrives, Globe Salon is understaffed and turning guests away regularly. Whether you are a new licensee, or an experienced hair stylist seeking a new opportunity, if you feel you would be a good fit for the talented Globe Salon team, I encourage you to peruse our website and see what we are about. I look forward to reviewing your credentials and, hopefully, welcoming you to our family!

~Staci Linklater, Salon Director

When you visit us, you deserve a seamless, pleasant experience from beginning to end. Our Ten Core Values are what we lean on to make that happen. They illustrate an alchemy of several different components, from our unique business model to the way we recruit and reward our amazing team. Here’s what they mean to us:

Professionalism & Accountability
What we do at Globe Salon is not a hobby or something to pass the time. It is our passion and our profession. This means we take our jobs seriously, and we hold each other accountable to the highest standards of character, conduct and ethics throughout our organization. We also hold ourselves accountable to you and do our very best to engender your trust.

Guest Service, Satisfaction & Value
We work to provide Globe Salon guests with an exceptional level of service. We listen, we anticipate, and we truly enjoy assisting you to the best of our ability. We also structure our fees to be as straightforward and inclusive as possible, as well as competitive for what we offer. All of this helps us to achieve a very high level of guest satisfaction.

Creativity & Artistry
Ours is a creative trade, and we recruit those who can successfully meld creativity with professionalism. We love to stretch our legs by styling editorial photo shoots, working backstage at fashion shows, and more. Think of Globe Salon the same way you may think of an advertising agency, a magazine publisher, or any other educated, highly-trained team of creative professionals working together to achieve something beautiful and on time.

Friendly, Warm & Welcoming
We know you have plenty of salons from which to choose. Globe Salon does not take your choice to trust us for granted. We appreciate every phone call, every visit, and are happy to see each and every one of you. The only attitude you get from us is a good one.

Cleanliness & Maintenance
Globe Salon understands that providing personal services is more than just what happens in the chair. It’s how comfortable you feel in our space and how relaxed you can be when visiting us. And we know that a lot of that comes from the space itself. Globe Salon is an intimate, highly trafficked salon, but we adhere to a cleaning and maintenance schedule that keeps it looking fresh and instills confidence.

Enthusiasm for Our Profession
Globe Salon’s team is comprised of passionate professionals, thanks to a recruiting and hiring process that ensures that only passionate professionals pass muster. We are not in this business by accident; we are here because we want to be. Just as importantly, our salon’s training, education, benefits and work environment go a long way to maintaining that enthusiasm. Globe Salon is where a salon career goes to thrive.

Team Oriented
Plenty of workplaces lay claim to a team-oriented atmosphere; Globe Salon lives it. It’s hard to explain how we do this without a comparison, but it’s really very simple: We do not rent work stations to independent contractors. The result? We all have a vested interest in the satisfaction of every guest that visits us. To this end, we work together, share knowledge, teach classes, hold each other up when things get tough, and hold each other accountable when necessary. We’re a family.

Community Involvement
Globe Salon recognizes that we are a small part of a greater community — and that’s not just our downtown community, but the entire Las Vegas metropolitan area and beyond. As citizens of our community, we do what we can to give back by participating in charities, donating services and products, and sharing our time. We have also self-produced a series of very successful fundraisers called Fashion Fling. So far, Globe Salon has donated more than $42,000 to non-profits in our community.

Career Growth & Education
When licensed professionals join our team, they must work though our formal Boot Camp Program before performing critical services on our guests. That sets the bar for education and for performance expectations, but it doesn’t stop there. We are dedicated to continuing education that keeps our skills fresh. From in-salon classes to hair shows, from salon-wide advanced courses to sending individual team members to California and New York for intense training, Globe Salon knows that our profession requires constant learning.

Brand Awareness
In October 2000, Globe Salon opened as an unknown business with a big vision. In the years since, our team set the standard and gave life to that vision. We respect the fact that when you call or you visit us for the first time or the fiftieth, you have expectations of us. Our goal is to never let you down and to exceed those expectations. Our name now sets the standard for us.

Globe Salon Policies

August 15th, 2012

Appointments & Walk-Ins
To best accommodate your scheduling needs, advance bookings with Globe Salon’s professionals are strongly recommended. While we welcome walk-ins, it is rare that we have availability as most of our schedule is pre-booked via appointment. If you need a last-minute appointment, please call and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Arrival & Check-In
So that we may provide the best and most timely service to all our guests, please arrive and check-in with our Front Desk at least five minutes before your scheduled appointment. Sorry, but late arrivals cannot be accommodated.

Globe Salon maintains an energetic, creative professional environment. For the comfort and safety of all guests, we do not permit smoking or eating. If you are using a mobile device with audio, please use headphones. As a courtesy to our neighboring businesses, please refrain from visiting them while processing colors or chemicals.

Changes, Cancellations & Rescheduling
We take your appointment with us seriously and ask you to do the same. To provide the best possible service to all of our guests, changes must be confirmed no later than twelve hours prior to your appointment. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee and/or the inability to secure future appointments.

Children & Guests
We love your children, but Globe Salon is a busy professional environment that is not always safe for them. Lobby seating is limited and styling stations provide room for staff and the guest receiving services only. We happily service children aged 5-12 when the parent is a current salon guest. Sorry, we do not accept guests under age 5.

The consultation is a critical component of a successful salon experience. Globe Salon’s professionals make every effort to communicate with guests before, during and after their service to ensure complete satisfaction. You are encouraged to actively engage your service professional to ensure that your personal goals are met.

Fees & Pricing
Service fees listed on the Globe Salon website menu are, as noted, starting points only. Your actual fees will depend on the services necessary to achieve the goals set during your consultation. If they desire one, guests are encouraged to request a fee estimate at consultation time.

Gift Cards
Share the Globe Salon experience with an electronic gift card available in any dollar amount, sent via text or email.

Service gratuities are not included in Globe Salon fees. If you wish to offer your service professional a gratuity, for your convenience you may do so at the time of check-out. Standard guidelines (15-25%) are appropriate.

Guest Satisfaction
We want you to be happy, and will do everything we can to make it so. If any part of your experience does not meet the expectations set forth by Globe Salon’s mission statement, please take your concerns directly to Guest Services immediately, or within 72 hours of your service. Although refunds cannot be granted for services, we will do everything we can to assist and satisfy you.

Information & Data Policy
Guest information is kept confidential and used in-house only; we may send you information from ourselves or on behalf of others that you may find useful. Due to liability and intellectual property concerns, color formulations and other professional data cannot be released.

Internet | Wi-Fi
Guests may connect to our free wi-fi network with any wi-fi enabled device. See Guest Services for the password. Please use headphones while listening to audio.

Globe Salon accepts payment in the form of your bank debit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card, Globe Gift Certificates and cash. Sorry, but checks are not accepted.

Professional Care Products
As part of our service to you to help you maintain the health of your hair, to preserve color and to consistently achieve the look you desire between appointments, we educate guests on which products to use at home. If any product purchased at Globe Salon does not meet expectations, we encourage you to discuss it with us so we can better serve you. Within the first three uses and 60 days of purchase, you may present your receipt, the product and all original packaging to the Guest Services desk. We will gladly apply the total to another purchase or refund your purchase price in the same form as original payment. If you do not have a receipt and/or the packaging but the purchase can be identified in your guest history, we will gladly accept the product for exchange, applying the total to another purchase of equal or greater value. For health reasons, defective brushes, combs and other personal use items may be exchanged for the same product only.

  • Kérastase Paris: We are a network salon for this respected line of high-quality hair care products, including daily care, styling and intense treatments for all hair types. We also offer in-salon Kerastase Fusio-Dose treatments that will make your hair look and feel simply amazing. Kerastase provides results, treatment and exclusivity in one amazing package.
  • Bumble + bumble: We are a network salon for this line of very versatile hair and styling products straight from the runways of Manhattan.
  • Etcetera: Globe Salon also offers a select and varying assortment of professional-grade brushes, blow dryers, ceramic flat irons, jewelry and more. Browse and enjoy!

Service Animals
Per Federal and Nevada law and Nevada State Board of Cosmetology regulation, Globe Salon welcomes only service animals that meet the ADA definition of an “animal individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including, but not limited to, guiding individuals with impaired vision, alerting individuals who are hearing impaired to intruders or sounds, providing minimal protection or rescue work, pulling a wheelchair, or fetching dropped items.” Please note that pets, as well as therapy, companion, and emotional support animals, are not covered by ADA definition and therefore not permitted.