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Although I have written blogs here before, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I have been Salon Director since Globe Salon opened in October 2000. Since then, this salon has been both my profession and my passion. Not only do I love helping guests look and feel great, I truly enjoy finding and mentoring new talent to be the best they can be behind the chair. That passion ultimately led to my development of our Cosmetology Graduate Studies Program, or as some know it, the Globe Salon Boot Camp.

Our Graduate Studies Program for New Talent is intended to give cosmetology licensees the skills and professional salon experience they need to succeed in the Globe Salon environment. It’s important to note that while much of the twenty-five class curriculum is focused on honing advanced technical skills, much like our profession it’s not all about hair. In addition to technical classes, our hairstylists learn my proven techniques for consistency in timing and results. Gaining that advanced education and salon experience helps our team to have confidence when interacting with our guests. Another area I focus on is guest interaction. While it may be hard to believe, some who enter our profession don’t realize that you have to actually like and care about people, and you have to be engaging and interesting yourself. But even though we are the professionals and always on stage, it’s rarely about us. Most often it’s about the guest, and Globe Salon puts the guest first.

It’s no surprise then that as salon professionals, we give quite a bit to our guests every day, in our chairs and in our skin care room. Sometimes, we forget to set aside time for ourselves. In that regard, I wanted to wish our awesome Samantha O’Brien the very best as she heads out on a “midlife retirement,” where she will be spending some time on the road meeting new people and having new experiences. This is the second time in her eight years with Globe Salon that Sam has taken some time away, and just like last time, we don’t know if she’ll be rejoining us in the future. But we hope she has an amazing experience wherever the road takes her!

With that, we now swing wide the doors for others to join us. As the busy spring season arrives, Globe Salon is understaffed and turning guests away regularly. Whether you are a new licensee, or an experienced hair stylist seeking a new opportunity, if you feel you would be a good fit for the talented Globe Salon team, I encourage you to peruse our website and see what we are about. I look forward to reviewing your credentials and, hopefully, welcoming you to our family!

~Staci Linklater, Salon Director

Recently, Globe Salon held a Casting Call for professional hairstylists. We received some great resumés from some strong candidates, but if you missed the event, it’s important to know that you can still submit your credentials for review.

If you are someone interested in joining a successful, professional team in an award-winning, stable salon environment; a salon where an active management ensures that your day goes as smoothly as possible; a salon where working as a valuable member of a professional team will not only vault your career to new heights, it will also help you realize personal goals as well; a salon where creative passion is paired with an advanced eductional foundation and exceptional service; a salon that attracts a healthy mix of locals from across the valley, as well as visitors to Las Vegas, drawing them to our city’s burgeoning Downtown revitalization… If this sounds interesting, then perhaps Globe Salon and you should meet.

We are specifically seeking hair professionals with less than three years experience (for an accelerated Fast Track Assistant Program) and recent graduates (for our Full Assistant Program). Please visit the Join Our Team page for important details on what we seek and what to expect at Globe Salon. In fact, we encourage you to browse our entire website to familiarize yourself with who we are and what we are about.

Candidates must present themselves in person, providing a resume (including professional, educational, and/or personal references), a current Nevada State Board of Cosmetology license (or, if you are a student with fewer than 100 hours remaining, or a recent graduate, a letter of recommendation from your school), and a portfolio (if you have one).

If you think you’d be a fantastic fit for our team and our salon, we look forward to reviewing your credentials.