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For nearly seven years (!!), Globe Salon has been rocking out gorgeous and handsome hair at our awardwinning Arts District location. In the meantime, a few businesses have come and gone from Soho Lofts (RIP Resnicks Grocery, Lady Silvia, and Amanda Harris and Dust galleries), and we often miss the energy and synergy they brought to our little corner of Downtown. Don’t get us wrong; we’re more than happy to be here, but sometimes we find ourselves wishing we had some neighbors.

gwIt appears our wishes are about to become reality, as DTLV says that one of our favorite, locally-grown lunch  stops — the delectable Goodwich sandwich shack — will soon open just a few doors down from us in the space formerly occupied by Resnicks.

Read all about it here, and prepare to have easy access to some of the best things between bread found in Las Vegas!

Downtown Update

March 22nd, 2013

It’s hard to believe, but Globe Salon will be celebrating five years (!!) in downtown Las Vegas this July, and we couldn’t be happier. The move from our previous location, while not an easy process, has brought nothing but good things to us. From the start, we always knew that Globe Salon was destined to be downtown (after all, we are the salon pairing uptown sophistication with downtown style!), and now that redevelopment of the area is really gaining ground, it’s nice to be able to say we were among the early arrivals.

We won’t go as far as to say we were “pioneers” however. That distinction belongs to all those who came before us, from the Enigma Garden Cafe and Vintage Madness in the 1990s, to the legendary Hair Zoo, a 1980s emporium of punk rock music, style and hair located down the block from where we are now. Today, those spots are nothing more than happy memories for those who remember.

But the Arts Factory — a cornerstone of the Arts District from the mid-1990s — is still there, and more relevant than ever. (We strongly recommend a stop at Marty Walsh’s Trifecta Gallery, as well as the Sunday Hangover Brunch on the patio at Bar & Bistro.)  We’ve also taken a big liking to Chef Natalie Young’s energetic new-ish breakfast and lunch spot, Eat. This is the kind of breakfast joint that every other city is spoiled by — offering simple food done well — but it’s been a long time since we’ve had an independent like it in downtown, and we’re thrilled it’s here.

Also new are two places that had their roots in Summerlin. The first is the über-popular Rachel’s Kitchen, which has upgraded its healthy offerings in its DTLV location (at the base of the Ogden) to include beer and wine, as well as delivery via snazzy electric trike! Another suburban spot to slip into downtown is Radio City Pizza, a locally-owned, sports-friendly pizza bar and restaurant with a sweet little patio out back. RCP is on Fremont Street, sandwiched between video game bar Insert Coins and Park on Fremont, which is the next project from the team that brought us the impressive Commonwealth. Park is going to be a gastropub of the first order, and we hear it is having a soft-opening the weekend of March 22, 2013.

There is so much happening in downtown Las Vegas these days that it’s hard to keep up, but that’s a good problem to have. Several new spots are on the way, with more being announced every day. It is an exciting time to be in Las Vegas, and we thank you for taking this journey with us!

Let them (eat.) music!

September 15th, 2012

If there is any question that downtown is on a return path to the wonderful days when it was the shopping, dining and socializing district of Las Vegas, look no further than this weekend. Not only has our premier music festival Neon Reverb taken over most music venues downtown and packed them chock-full of stellar bands, but Chef Nat’s new breakfast and lunch joint, Eat, soft opened on Sep 14 — and promptly sold out of food prior to closing hour. Two days in a row.

Either that indicates a distinct lack of local breakfast options downtown, or it’s a downtowner celebration of the buzz that has building around Eat since it was announced a few months back. Or both.

Whatever the reason, Eat has announced it will not reopen until Monday, Sep 17, taking off Sunday to reload. Add that Le Thai is also closing Sun–Tue this week (in order to build a better bar and to remodel the front (inside) dining room to include all bar-height tables), and many downtowners will either overrun Pop Up Pizza or the Beat, or have to venture away from the Fremont East area for grub this weekend.

No worries, hungry urbanites: Bar + Bistro in the Arts District will be open, serving their awesome brunch. And the weather looks good for outdoor dining, too.

See you at breakfast in downtown!