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TUE–THU: 10am–7pm
FRI–SAT: 10am–5pm
SUN–MON: closed


SAT, MAY 13: 1pm–5pm | Helldorado Parade
TUE, MAY 30: closed | Memorial Day

SAT, JUL 01–WED, JUL 05: closed | Independence Day
FRI, SEP 01–MON, SEP 04: closed | Labor Day

SAT, NOV 11: open 1–6pm | Veterans Day Parade
MON, NOV 20: open 10am–7pm
THU, NOV 23–FRI, NOV 24: closed | Thanksgiving
TUE, DEC 26: closed | Christmas

TUE, JAN 02: closed | New Year’s Weekend

Subject to update. Appointments are scheduled to complete at closing hour. We are always closed on New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Globe Salon Policies

August 15th, 2012

Appointments & Walk-Ins
To best accommodate your scheduling needs, advance bookings with Globe Salon’s professionals are strongly recommended. While we welcome walk-ins, it is rare that we have availability as most of our schedule is pre-booked via appointment. If you need a last-minute appointment, please call and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Arrival & Check-In
So that we may provide the best and most timely service to all our guests, please arrive and check-in with our Front Desk at least five minutes before your scheduled appointment. Sorry, but late arrivals cannot be accommodated.

Globe Salon maintains an energetic, creative professional environment. For the comfort and safety of all guests, we do not permit smoking or eating. If you are using a mobile device with audio, please use headphones. As a courtesy to our neighboring businesses, please refrain from visiting them while processing colors or chemicals.

Changes, Cancellations & Rescheduling
We take your appointment with us seriously and ask you to do the same. To provide the best possible service to all of our guests, changes must be confirmed no later than twelve hours prior to your appointment. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee and/or the inability to secure future appointments.

Children & Guests
We love your children, but Globe Salon is a busy professional environment that is not always safe for them. Lobby seating is limited and styling stations provide room for staff and the guest receiving services only. We happily service children aged 5-12 when the parent is a current salon guest. Sorry, we do not accept guests under age 5.

The consultation is a critical component of a successful salon experience. Globe Salon’s professionals make every effort to communicate with guests before, during and after their service to ensure complete satisfaction. You are encouraged to actively engage your service professional to ensure that your personal goals are met.

Fees & Pricing
Service fees listed on the Globe Salon website menu are, as noted, starting points only. Your actual fees will depend on the services necessary to achieve the goals set during your consultation. If they desire one, guests are encouraged to request a fee estimate at consultation time.

Gift Cards
Share the Globe Salon experience with an electronic gift card available in any dollar amount, sent via text or email.

Service gratuities are not included in Globe Salon fees. If you wish to offer your service professional a gratuity, for your convenience you may do so at the time of check-out. Standard guidelines (15-25%) are appropriate.

Guest Satisfaction
We want you to be happy, and will do everything we can to make it so. If any part of your experience does not meet the expectations set forth by Globe Salon’s mission statement, please take your concerns directly to Guest Services immediately, or within 72 hours of your service. Although refunds cannot be granted for services, we will do everything we can to assist and satisfy you.

Information & Data Policy
Guest information is kept confidential and used in-house only; we may send you information from ourselves or on behalf of others that you may find useful. Due to liability and intellectual property concerns, color formulations and other professional data cannot be released.

Internet | Wi-Fi
Guests may connect to our free wi-fi network with any wi-fi enabled device. See Guest Services for the password. Please use headphones while listening to audio.

Globe Salon accepts payment in the form of your bank debit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card, Globe Gift Certificates and cash. Sorry, but checks are not accepted.

Professional Care Products
As part of our service to you to help you maintain the health of your hair, to preserve color and to consistently achieve the look you desire between appointments, we educate guests on which products to use at home. If any product purchased at Globe Salon does not meet expectations, we encourage you to discuss it with us so we can better serve you. Within the first three uses and 60 days of purchase, you may present your receipt, the product and all original packaging to the Guest Services desk. We will gladly apply the total to another purchase or refund your purchase price in the same form as original payment. If you do not have a receipt and/or the packaging but the purchase can be identified in your guest history, we will gladly accept the product for exchange, applying the total to another purchase of equal or greater value. For health reasons, defective brushes, combs and other personal use items may be exchanged for the same product only.

  • Kérastase Paris: We are a network salon for this respected line of high-quality hair care products, including daily care, styling and intense treatments for all hair types. We also offer in-salon Kerastase Fusio-Dose treatments that will make your hair look and feel simply amazing. Kerastase provides results, treatment and exclusivity in one amazing package.
  • Bumble + bumble: We are a network salon for this line of very versatile hair and styling products straight from the runways of Manhattan.
  • Etcetera: Globe Salon also offers a select and varying assortment of professional-grade brushes, blow dryers, ceramic flat irons, jewelry and more. Browse and enjoy!

Service Animals
Per Federal and Nevada law and Nevada State Board of Cosmetology regulation, Globe Salon welcomes only service animals that meet the ADA definition of an “animal individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including, but not limited to, guiding individuals with impaired vision, alerting individuals who are hearing impaired to intruders or sounds, providing minimal protection or rescue work, pulling a wheelchair, or fetching dropped items.” Please note that pets, as well as therapy, companion, and emotional support animals, are not covered by ADA definition and therefore not permitted.

Anyone who has visited Globe Salon knows our Salon Director, Staci Linklater, sported high-fashion dreadlocks she called “glamlocks.” After wearing them for years, the end of 2016 brought a desire for change. Since the most common method of dreadlock removal is to cut them off, Staci considered some options. One was to either closely clipper or shave her head. Another was to grow out her locks for a few months, abandoning the frequent palm-rolling and crochet-hook maintenance they required. That would provide enough “unlocked” new growth for a cropped ‘do, something she’s worn before. But after growing her hair for five years and wanting to maintain some length, neither seemed satisfactory. So, Staci devised her own answer. Read on to find out how she removed the dreadlocks and see an amazing before-and-after:

After five years of rocking my beautiful dreadlocks, the time finally came for a change. I considered the obvious options. Shaved head? No! Pixie haircut? Not this time! Instead, I proceeded down the unknown path of combing them out. Now, you might be thinking … That can’t be done! Well, I’m here to tell you, yes, dreadlocks can be combed out, especially ones that have been properly cared for during their life, including regular shampooing and conditioning. This is very important!

If you decide to comb out your ‘locks, it’s critical that you approach the process with much patience. This is neither an easy nor quick solution. Then again, neither is locking the hair to begin with. As it began, so it must end. You also must understand that your hair will go through various stages of, well, challenges once the combing out is complete.

Through trial and error, below is the method I devised for successfully combing out my dreadlocks. Note that this method worked for me, but it may not work for you. The results greatly depend on the condition of your hair and the skill in applying these techniques. Neither myself nor Globe Salon can be responsible for your results. We recommend leaving the process up to a experienced professional. Got that? Okay:

1. CUT: The best way to start is to first remove some length. No matter how well you cared for your dreadlocks, the ends of your hair will not be pretty. It will likely be damaged and split, and will need to be cut anyway, so save yourself some time and do it now. My dreads were almost to my waist, and we began by cutting off about five inches from the bottom. If your locks are shorter, you can get away with cutting off less. The goal is to remove the most damaged portion of the hair and give yourself a loose, “open end” of the dreadlock to work with.

2. SATURATE WITH OIL: Using a high quality hair oil, work plenty of it into the trimmed dreadlock until it is well saturated about an inch above the end. Don’t skimp; I used three bottles of Kerastase Elixir during my process. Oiling the hair is critical; not only will it aid in the removal, but it keeps the hair pliable. If you don’t do this, you could end up with hair broken off in many places.

3. DAMPEN: Using a spray bottle filled with water, keep the dreadlock wet during the process. This also aids in untangling.

4. COMB: Here’s where the dreadlock removal begins.  Your goal is to gently pick and poke directly into the end of the freshly cut lock with a highlighting comb, freeing the hair from the knots it has accumulated. You may know a highlighting comb as a rat-tail comb. It has a long point, like a thin knitting needle, on the handle end. Using this point, poke into the center of the cut lock and untangle the hair. Work in sections about one inch long. Once you get one inch fully unlocked, gently comb out that portion, add some oil, and move up. Got it? Keep doing this all the way up the lock until it is fully untangled to the root.

5: BRAID: For years, my hair had been “trained” to be in knots, so after learning the hard way and watching some tangling return overnight, myself and the Globe Salon team decided to oil and braid each unlocked section, tying it off with a rubber band. This helped keep my unlocked hair under control while we worked the rest of my head.

6: CLEASE & CONDITION: Once all of the dreadlocks have been unlocked, now is the time to lay back in the shampoo bowl and let your hairdresser treat your hair and scalp to a nice, long, gentle shampoo and deep conditioning. It had been so long since I felt that relaxation… Ahhhhhhhh! We used Kerastase products: Bain Magistral shampoo and Fondant Magistral conditioner, along with a Ciment Instant Treatment boosted with Nutrition.


7. CUT (AGAIN): Once the cleansing and conditioning was done, my hair was dried and flat ironed, and my hair was again almost to my waist. Immediately, another 12 inches were cut off. After that, my hair was still past my shoulders, and the end result was a surprisingly healthy and resilient head of hair.

This deceptively simple process requires extraordinary patience. I had 105 locks on my head, and after five years of growth, each one took 30-45 minutes of tedious work to unlock. The entire process required around 100 man-hours by professionals. This is not an exaggeration. There are no shortcuts and I did not find an easier or faster way to reach my goal of healthy length. Your hair could take more or less time, depending on how long the locks are and your technique. But the end result speaks for itself: Me and my team were able to maintain a lot of length while having a lovely head of hair in the end.

Wearing dreadlocks is a serious commitment that requires time and effort to maintain. Removing them requires the same commitment — and in my case, time and effort.  It may seem silly, but the journey to leaving my dreadlocks behind began with a journal entry. I asked myself things like, How have my dreads served me? How have they impacted my life? How do they make me feel? What am I missing by not having “normal” hair?

I loved having them, but everyone needs change. You will know when it’s time. Now that they are gone, comments and questions of all kinds roll in. The most common is, I didn’t know you could comb them out! And my answer is always, Neither did I… Until we gave it a try!

Many thanks to all of the Globe Salon staff who put their time and effort into helping me achieve this hair goal.

So, are you ready?

Globe Salon Prices

March 1st, 2017

Looking for a basic overview of salon services offered at Globe Salon? Read on!

Haircutting, Women’s: $55-$90 includes blowdry
Haircutting, Men’s: $40-$70 includes styling

Fabulous Blowouts: $50+
Wedding + Special Event Styling: $75+

Color – includes blowdry
Single Process: starts at $73
Balayage (half): starts at $105
Balayage (full): starts at $152
Foil Hilighting (half): starts at $87
Foil Hilighting (full): starts at $126

MakeUp: $35-$60

Prices represent ranges or starting points for our hairdressers working at various levels of demand and tenure. Download our menu here. Questions? Please call us at 702-938-4247!

We live in a time when technology is changing almost everything we do. That’s why Globe Salon stays current with trends in equipment and products that help us serve you better, without compromising the personal touch that makes a salon visit special.

Most of these changes are welcome and helpful for all of us. But one area where technology is negatively impacting what we do is retail. A recent survey of our guests shows that as many as half of you who use Kerastase, Bumble & Bumble and 1821 ManMade hair products at home are buying them somewhere other than Globe Salon. That same survey suggested than many of our guests don’t understand why it’s important to purchase these items from us.

We understand that not everyone uses the products we sell. But for those who do, we want to make sure you understand that making your purchase with us makes a big difference — to us, to your professional hairstylist, and to your community. Read on to understand why.

Buying Local Helps. Retail sales are an important part of a professional salon’s bottom line. They help Globe Salon maintain the high level of service and skill you have come to expect, as well as make things like paid vacations and insurance available to our team. Plus, the sales taxes we collect from you help make Las Vegas a better place to live. It’s a win-win-win.

Professional Recommendations. Your Globe Salon hairdresser is not only skill-trained, they are trained on our hair care products, too. And they use them on thousands of heads each year. With all that training and practice, they know exactly which ones will work for you and why. No guessing.

Professional Grade. Our products are carefully chosen for their quality and performance. They have to be because we use them every day, and we have a reputation to keep. Like you, we don’t have the time or money to be disappointed. Plus, we want your hair to look and feel as great between visits as it does when you leave us. That’s why we recommend what we do.

Product Freshness & Authenticity. The Internet can be a great thing. But it can also be a vast hole of misinformation, stolen and expired goods, and counterfeit products. When you buy Kerastase, Bumble & Bumble or 1821 ManMade at Globe Salon, you know it comes fresh from the brand manufacturer to you.

Proper Pricing. Globe Salon never prices any of our guaranteed authentic products above the MSRP. Remember, if something appears too good to be true, it probably is.

Satisfaction Guarantee. We want you to be happy. If a product you buy from us doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can return it to Globe Salon (within 3 uses / 30 days) for a full refund (with receipt) or credit exchange.

On Saturday, October 15, from 6-9pm, Globe Salon invites you to join us for a celebration of our 16th anniversary — eight of them in Downtown Las Vegas!

The party will be at Downtown’s Tenaya Creek Brewery (831 West Bonanza Rd, 702-362-7335), another local success story that began life in 1999 and recently relocated to a beautiful new downtown brewpub. Tenaya Creek has evolved into a full-scale craft brewery, and attendees will enjoy a Happy Hour priced selection of Vegas-made craft beer (Happy Hour to 7pm). Wine and soft drinks are also available.

Shelbi Bynes, photographed by Square Shooting. Hair: Globe Salon. Makeup: L Makeup Institute. Wardrobe: KT Moss.

Shelbi Bynes, photographed by Square Shooting. Hair: Globe Salon. Makeup: L Makeup Institute. Wardrobe: KT Moss.

Globe Salon just completed an anniversary photo shoot with Square Shooting Photography, L Makeup Institute, and wardrobe stylist KT Moss. The party will showcase a selection of those photos.

Attendees will also enjoy the sounds of Jessica Manolo (to 7pm), whom Las Vegas Weekly called one of the “Best New Voice in Vegas.” Guests of Globe Salon will also sample complimentary snacks from the Rolling Fusion food truck (while supplies last!), samples of gelato served by downtown’s Art of Flavors, and tasty donut samples from Donut Bar. As a bonus for current guests of Globe Salon,  the first 50 to RSVP to 16years@globesalon.com will receive their first two drinks on us (with a confirmation email), so RSVP now!

The event’s charity partner is the Rape Crisis Center, so bring cash and be prepared to win some great prizes donated by local businesses.

All of us at Globe Salon are thrilled to have made it so far, but we couldn’t have done it without you. Come raise a glass on Saturday, and we’ll celebrate together!

Parking: Tenaya Creek has its own lot on site.

Interesting Tidbit: Most Globe Salon guests drive to our Downtown location from the Las Vegas and Henderson suburbs. At least half of those come from Summerlin and the northwest. They choose Globe Salon because we offer something nearly impossible to find in Las Vegas salons: consistency and accountability.

Globe Salon is a service-focused luxury hair salon. We’re a high-end boutique with an experienced, educated and hand-selected professional staff, not a 50-chair cattle call. Along with being named to the “Best of” lists of numerous local publications, we’re one of just a handful of Nevada salons honored by Elle on its list of the Top 100 Salons in America. Twice. Style bible Black Book selected us for inclusion in their Las Vegas Guide, and W Magazine spotlighted our efforts during the MAGIC fashion convention. None of this is easy to achieve. But with hard work and dedication to elevating the salon experience for both guests and our team, we have done it.

IMG_0552 Opened in 2000, Globe Salon has been in the Soho Lofts tower since 2008. You have likely heard about the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas, but you may not know about Downtown’s decades-old Arts District. It’s here, away from the nightlife of Fremont East, that an authentic local scene is growing, driven by passionate entrepreneurs who put everything on the line to serve you and do their part to build a wonderful Downtown. And it’s here, just 15-20 quick minutes from your Summerlin home, where you’ll find Globe Salon, part of the respected Kerastase and Bumble + Bumble salon networks.

We’re staffed with several native Las Vegans, and we understand that the Downtown experience is new for some of you. Many people say their hairdresser is like a therapist; our staff is also your Downtown concierge, pointing you to all the places you’ll want to see. Plus, we take care of everyone from some of the city’s top attorneys and executives to some of its flashiest bartenders and entertainers. We serve as many men as women, and everyone gets a relaxing shampoo in our exclusive massaging shampoo chairs.

Choosing a salon can be intimidating, confusing and misleading. We haven’t counted, but we’d guess there are hundreds of salons in Las Vegas, and thousands of hairstylists. What makes Globe Salon stand apart is simple and significant: Our hairstylists are professional experts accountable to Globe Salon’s respected guest-centered standards. No excuses.

Ready to give us a try? Enjoy 30% off your first visit with Globe Salon. Just show proof of your Summerlin residency and we’ll take care of the rest. One visit is all we ask. One visit is all you need. We’re minutes away but world’s apart when it comes to service. Put simply, Globe Salon has thrived for 15 years not only because we are great at what we do, but because we’re are all about you.

P.S. Worried about parking? Don’t. Read this instead.

Google shows the best salon in Summerlin is just 17 minutes away… in Downtown!


Maybe you just moved to Downtown Las Vegas, or maybe you were an early adopter. Perhaps you arrived from another city, eager to be part of the urban revitalization and resurgence that Globe Salon’s founders envisioned years ago. Or maybe you are longtime Las Vegas resident who recogizes the potential of urban living and decided to give it a try.

For whatever reason, you now find yourself living in Downtown Las Vegas at The Ogden. Living among all those hotels on the edge of the East Fremont Entertainment District action can be a little odd. But soon you find your bearings and start to discover Downtown Las Vegas outside the party zone. You begin to wonder where the locals hang out. Where they shop. Do their laundry. Get their hair cut. That’s when you might discover Downtown’s decades-old Arts District. Here, an authentic local scene is growing, driven by passionate entrepreneurs who put everything on the line to open their doors and serve you.

Here, just nine blocks south of Fremont Street and your home at The Ogden, is where Globe Salon stands. Opened in 2000, Globe Salon is a service-focused, luxury boutique hair salon. We’re one of just a handful of Nevada salons honored by Elle magazine on its list of the Top 100 Salons in America. Twice. Style bible Black Book selected us for inclusion in their Las Vegas Guide, and W Magazine spotlighted our efforts with a write-up during the annual MAGIC fashion convention.

Opened way back in 2000, Globe Salon has been in the Soho Lofts tower since 2008, so we understand Downtown living. We’re staffed with many native Las Vegans and proponents of Downtown, so we understand Las Vegas. Many people say their hairdresser is like a therapist; our staff is also your Las Vegas concierge, pointing you to all the newest and hottest spots our city has to offer. And if you don’t want to stray too far, our neighbors at Soho Lofts include the Contemporary Arts Center Gallery, The Goodwich, and The Millenium Fandom Bar.

There are hundreds of salons in Las Vegas, and thousands of hairstylists. That can be intimidating. What makes Globe Salon stand apart is both simple and significant: Our hairstylists are professional experts accountable to Globe Salon’s respected guest-centered standards. No excuses. We take care of everyone from some of the city’s top attorneys and executives to some of its flashiest bartenders and entertainers. We serve as many men as women, and everyone gets a relaxing shampoo in our exclusive massaging shampoo chairs. The majority of our guests drive to us from Summerlin and Green Valley for a reason, and you are so close you can walk.

But if all that that isn’t enough to give us a try, how about this: Enjoy 30% off your first visit with Globe Salon. Just show proof of your Ogden residency and we’ll take care of the rest. One visit is all we ask. One visit is all you need to see the difference.

Need to contact Globe Salon, send us something, or follow us on social media? Here is all the info you need:

This is how we prefer to provide you with our exceptional service.

Mailing Address (all locations):
PO BOX 910
Las Vegas, NV 89125

Shipping Address:
900 Las Vegas Blvd South | Ste 130
Las Vegas, NV 89101


For those of you who believe a photo is worth a thousand Tweets.

For those of you who like words with your pictures.

For useful, current updates on special hours, traffic, parking, offers + our FaceBook feed.

Yes, we still get them.

On the Road Again | Something for Your Carry-On

Summer is here, which means more of us are taking time to escape the heat and travel. And we know all too well that hotels don’t always have our hair health in mind when they stock the bathrooms. Good thing, then, that Globe Salon has done its part and stocked up on travel sizes of your favorite products from Kerastase and Bumble + bumble!

Plus, to help you gear up your carry-on with the good stuff you love, stop by June 20 – July 31 when we’ll be offering special travel size savings. It goes like this: Purchase two or more travel sizes — mixed or matched of Bumble + bumble and Kerastase — and you’ll save 20% on all travel sizes you buy at that time. It’s limited to stock on hand, so stop in and stock up!


Happy Holidays | …and Happy Anniversary

Ready for the holiday? Don’t forget that we will be taking our annual summer break during July 4th Week. We be open Monday, June 29 – Wednesday, July 1, 11am-7:30pm, closed Thursday, July 2 – Monday, July 6, and returning Tuesday, July 7 at 11am. As you may imagine, all days leading up to the holiday are booking up, so make sure you call us and get an appointment so you look sizzling for firework weekend!

Finally, Globe Salon will be celebrating seven years of being downtown on July 18 (We can’t believe it either!). As one of the first established businesses to open in or relocate to the area, we have had one wild ride as Downtown has grown and changed around us. We always knew it would, but we could not have made it through those early years without the patronage and enthusiasm of our guests. You are the reason we have survived and thrived, and for that we graciously thank you for allowing us to take care of you, for buying local, and for being part of our community!

If you’ve stepped outside, then you know that Summer has arrived to Las Vegas in a big, hot way. Of course, that means sun and dry air and pool time … and all the hair damage that comes along with it. We have the solution!

Fix That Hair! | Introducing a New Product from Kerastase

Resistance TherapisteMany of you already are treating your hair to the amazing results associated with Kerastase, Globe Salon’s very popular line of reparative hair care. Now, they have launched some new products that are awesome for those of you who just love to get color services: Resistance Therapiste.

Are you the guest who is constantly changing your hair color? Are you one of those for whom the blonde is never quite blonde enough? As you know, repeated chemical services (especially blonding) are tough on hair. Our professional application of the Olaplex treatment during the coloring process, as well as deep conditioners at the shampoo bowl, helps to alleviate those challenges. Now, for home care, comes Resistance Therapiste, Kerastase’s super-reparative line that works hard to give your hair a second life.

Resistance Therapiste is seriously transformational. The science behind it adds fiber to the structure of the cuticle layer of the hair and rebuilds it from the outside in. How? Via the Resurrection Plant, a plant known for its ability to survive almost complete dehydration, sometimes springing back after 10 years near death. Kerastase has been able to extract the plant’s sap, infusing it into the formulas of Resistance Therapiste and making it available to your hair.

There are four products in the line: Bain Therapiste (shampoo), Soin Premier Therapiste (conditioner, applied before shampooing), Masque Therapiste (a treatment mask), and Serum Therpiste (a leave-in reparative serum). We’ve been working with these products on our guests for a few weeks now, and the results are truly impressive. Even hyper-processed hair feels great. Plus, the products are not heavy, they smell fabulous, and your hair will love it. Stop by Globe Salon to get Resistance Therapiste today, and ask your stylist about it the next time you visit us.